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We thank you for visiting this page which states our Motto.

- compiled by the WaronJihad team

We, the WaronJihad team, advocate a rational-humanist outlook.

We, pledge to ourselves that we disown superstition, dogmatism, mythology, miracles, miracle men, healers, ‘Holy’ men, spiritualism, mysticism, and the entire religious, dogmatic and theistic outlook completely.

We advocate a form of society where the belief or disbelief in religion is a private matter and religion has controlled public expression. Towards this end, we pledge to use the web to help in fighting to intellectually checkmate and destroy all across the globe, religious fanaticism that advocates the expansion of any one particular form of religious belief at the point of the sword.

Our Concept of an Ideal Human Society

It an ideal scenario, science and quest for knowledge will dominate the human outlook and where WE as one species will face SPACE - the final frontier for humankind.

How Religion is a weakness of the human mind

Religion is a wrong turn which humankind has taken on the road of perception, at the crossroads – one leading towards “Quest” and another towards “Faith”. Animals have no faith and are not religious. Since they have no perception and no capability to think beyond perception. Humans have this capability. And so when man started thinking of the universe he saw above him, he developed two contradictory responses.

One response was to assume that behind all what he saw was a creator and all what he saw was the creator’s creation. This response was “Faith” and was based on the weakness of the human mind’s inability to understand the unknown universe. This led to the birth of religion. This choice was psychologically satisfying, since nothing was left unexplained. Behind everything man saw in the universe, he assumed there was the creator’s hand. And so he prayed to the creator for his own well being.

The other response was “Quest” according to which he tried to assume nothing, but to understand the unknown universe to the extent of his (man’s) capability. This gave birth to science. This choice was realistic, since it was not based on the assumption that there is a creator behind all that man saw. But this choice could not psychologically satisfying, since it did not explain everything in the universe with the one common explanation – what exists is god’s creation and whatever happens is god’s will.

How come many leading scientists are deeply religious?

In many cases a leading scientist would be devoutly religious. This does not prove that religion is right. It only proves that humans can have the two mutually contradictory responses of faith and quest within one person. The fact is that “Faith” and “Quest” nullify each other. And most of us (excepts atheists like me) have both these responses as a part of our personality in a Jeckyll and Hyde syndrome.

Are religion and morality same?

One factor that wrongfully gave (and still gives) an alibi for religion to exist was that of the association of ethics and morality with religion and the confusion that religion (or the mistaken belief of the unknown universe being a god) is ethics and morality. Since religion was based on the fear of the unknown universe, this fear could be used to make man behave in a certain manner – good or bad. When this fear was used to inculcate good behavior like “You should not steal” You should not lie”, etc., religion became a medium to enforce ethics and morality in society in the early phase of human social evolution.

This was like a small child being told by his mother that “Do not eat the sweets, while I am away, since god is watching and he will punish you.” Now the child does not eat the sweets when mummy is away, since he fears that god will punish him. If the same argument is used when the child grows into an adult, it would look silly. You do not tell a thirty year old person not to eat sweets, since god is watching. He needs to be told the real reason for not eating sweets (whatever that reason may be). Similarly in the early phase of humankind’s social evolution, religion based as it was on the fear of the unknown, played a useful role to inculcate ethical and moral behavior among humans. But in today’s scientific information age, human society can be taught ethics with the reasoning that ethics and morals are necessary for civilized society to exist, and not because a god will punish humans who do not have ethics and morals! Thus we see that ethics and morality are independent of belief in the unknown universe as being a god, but since in the early phase of human evolution, it was necessary to have a psychological medium to inculcate ethics and morality- religion played this role, which today is not necessary. This also shows how ethics and morality are independent of religion and we need not confuse ethics and morality with religion.

As against these examples of good ethics and morals, religion also inculcated unethical and immoral behavior like the religious commands to convert all humans to your religion and use physical force in doing this while killing all those who refuse to comply. So, the religious choice while psychologically satisfying in explaining the unknown universe as god’s creation and all that was happening as god’s will, also led to another problem, where humans wanted all other humans to accept their interpretation of the assumption called god. This put humankind on a path of perpetual conflict in religious wars.

Hence Muslims, Christians, Hindus, etc stick to their own interpretation of the assumption called god and try to enforce on others their interpretation of the assumption called god.

No such problem existed in the field of science. The scientists who subscribed to the theory of the ‘Big bang’ of the creation of the universe do not impose this theory on those who go by the ‘Implosion’ theory of the creation of the universe. There may be seminars and conferences and debates, but this cannot lead to violence as it does between different religions. More so they never think of imposing this theory by the force of arms on other scientists. They never say “Accept this theory or else I will kill you”. But in the field of religion this is very much a reality, “Accept my interpretation of the assumption called god or I will kill you, or force you some way.” Is what most religious persons say, especially the monotheistic Muslims and Christians, but the Hindus and Buddhists are also insistent in a generally non-violent way.

The insistence of the monotheistic Muslims and Christians has led to the inter-faith wars of the past and present (Jihad, and the response to Jihad – the war on terror). But the possibility of such a war or coercion did not and could not exist among different schools in the scientific community. No Doctor asks a Lawyer or an Accountant, to become a Doctor or else he will kill them! Sounds stupid, isn’t it? But a Muslim does ask a Christian or Hindu to become a Muslim or else he will kill them or harass them. Why does a Muslim as a religious person do this?? But a Doctor as a member of a scientific profession does not do this? Any answers??? And do we see the difference that religion and science leads to in human behavior? This is why religions are inherently contradictory to each other and so are in perpetual conflict with each other and also with science.

It is this inherent contradiction in religion that had made it imperative today that religion be controlled and not be allowed to destroy human civilization. It needs to be controlled by curtailing (or banning) the public practice of religion. But religion as a response cannot be removed from the human mind, since it originates from the weakness of the human mind’s inability to understand the unknown universe. By preventing the public practice of religion, we can only ensure that this weakness does not develop into a sickness of religious fanaticism that threatens human civilization, as it does today through the Jihad and the unavoidable response to this Jihad – the War on Terror

For the Future, to ensure that the public practice of religion does not lead to social strife, we feel that the following points need to be implemented in human society the world over.

- Celebration of religious festivals or any other form of public expression of religion, should always be under the supervision and control of the civil (law and order) authority.

- All educational institutions should be run by professional educational bodies who should follow a common syllabus and curriculum. This syllabus and curriculum should educate every generation about the nature of religious outlook itself and the creative and destructive role it has played in past Human history. The syllabus and curriculum should not to require/ask of everyone to believe in god or to stop believing in god. Every child of schooling age would have to get educated through the medium of such schools.

- There should be a common Civil Code for the entire citizenry across the globe.

- There should be a general ban on evangelism and public debate between different modes of worship.

We are aware that these suggestions will be subjected to severe criticism by visitors from various (all) religious backgrounds. But we the webmasters of this site believe that the future hope for the human species does not lie in religion, spiritualism, dogmatism, and the concurrent religious fanaticism and theology-inspired terrorism that all religions breed. The future Human Being should be more attuned to frequenting Science Labs and Astronomical Observatories; rather than going to Churches, Temples, Monasteries, Mosques, Fire-altars, Synagogues, etc.

Our future lies in the human qualities of reasoning, scientific research, increasing understanding of the physical universe beyond the globe and the solar system. The qualities for a future ideal Human Being would be those of being a saintly scientist who would function as a soldier whenever our human species and the civilized human way of living is threatened from forces within the human species (like those of theology-inspired terrorism) or from forces beyond our planet and solar system.

The religious human beings of today use their capabilities to conquer one another through holy wars in an effort to impose one single religion on the human race. The vision religious people pursue is to land up in heaven with all the goodies of heaven, or Jannat, or swarga. This fantasy is built around a mythical paradise with its angels, fairies, houris, etc. But we hope that the rational human being of the future would use all his capabilities to extend his understanding of the universe and to conquer the universe. His vision would be to extend human control over the universe in an endless exercise where he goes from the Earth to the Moon, to Mars, to outside the solar system and onwards beyond our galaxy in an endless quest that engages him in a thrilling saga of understanding the universe, where his capabilities are pitted for the conquest of the universe, and not against his own species in war of self-destruction.

- pledge compiled by the WaronJihad team

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