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Electro-magnetic Nuclear attack Plans make the Ayatollah brash

Logic behind Iran's Mullahs' Desperation to get Nuclear Weapons.

Putin's romance with Palestinians, Iranians and Syrians - Shades of Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1939?

Iran's duplicity in building Nuclear weapons under the cloak of Energy Requirements recalls Hitler's duplicity of building Luftwaffe using Flying Clubs

Vietnam War and the War on Terror - similarities and differences

How democratic are Iraqi protestors, when they can be on the streets to protest, due to Democracy?

Muslim Brotherhood to bring back Jihad to Egypt?

The Urgency and the Effective Strategy to Defang the Nuclear ambitions of the Mullahs of Iran

How Saudi clerics encourage Murder

WMD Commission’s Report and the rationale for attacking Saddam and the Mullahs of Iran

Failure of Democracy in Iraq and the continuing Insurgency could split Iraq

Hamas taking over PLO?

The Emerging Axis of Shia Terror

Why Iran fuels the Balouch uprising in Pakistan

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