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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

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1. Iran's Nuclear Swansong begins
2. Abbas Urges Calm During Israeli Pullout
3. IAEA Moves against Iran

What does it take to win a war against theology-inspired terror?

Today we try to find excuses for the Jihadis to attack us. We legitimize the theory of "root causes". This is our Stockholm Syndrome" on a continental and a global scale.

Rather the only way out is preemptive destruction of a destructive enemy. We only need to create within ourselves this starkly practical option for the sake of our own survival.

Second element - A personification of the object of hatred

In the absence of the object of hatred being personified in something tangible, you cannot destroy anything. Your outlook would only generate hot air, angry words but do noting concrete in terms of destroying the enemy.

The Islamofascists have a crystal clear idea of what they want to destroy. They want to instill fear in the mind of the enemy by dramatic and unexpected attacks, use different means that their enemy does not expect. Be as gruesome as possible to make the enemy numb with morbidity.

Personification of the object of hatred is each and every Westerner himself/herself. Whether he/she is a soldier or a civilian, adult or child, male or female, able or infirm, make no difference to the Islamofascists. They kill everybody who is a member of the enemy. This makes all Westerners (and by extension all non- Muslims) the enemies of the Muslims and a legitimate target of destruction be it thru a beheading or a genocide explosion (and maybe a dirty or nuke explosion in the future).

How do we defeat such an enemy, where each and every member of the enemy has drilled into his/her mind that all non-Muslims are the enemy and it is a holy duty of the Muslims to kill the non-Muslims? That is the moot question.

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A view from inside an Islamic Terror Cell in London

Bakri was the star attraction that night. Under bright fluorescent lights, he preached to the 50-strong audience about the need for a violent struggle to defend Muslims who, he claimed, were under constant attack.

With a new member in the audience, he added carefully that he was not actually "inciting anyone to violence in the UK". But the violence was not far away. The following afternoon the reporter witnessed an Asian man being beaten by members of the Saviour Sect for "insulting" their version of Islam.

The victim had struck up an argument with one of the group at the market stall. When he threw a leaflet to the ground he was punched in the face and a fight started. Up to seven members of the sect jumped on the man and began kicking him as he lay on the floor. A late intervention by one of the other stallholders gave him the opportunity to escape his face swollen and bleeding.

Unabashed, one of group, dressed in an Arabic shawl, shouted out to onlookers: "You should not feel sorry for him. He is a kuffar and deserves it." Aged between 20 and 30, the members of the sect mostly wore traditional Islamic clothing, although some were in jeans.

Later that day it emerged that the man who had been assaulted had been a member of the moderate Young Muslim Organisation and was also a supporter of Galloway's Respect party.

One of the sect told the reporter that "the brothers" needed to calm down and stop attracting attention to themselves in public. "They should have taken him round the corner and beaten him there," he said.

ON July 3, Sheikh Omar Brooks of Al-Ghuraaba addressed the group at its Saturday night lecture.

The 30-year-old, who comes from a Caribbean background and used to work as an electrician, converted to Islam after coming under Bakri's spell. He claimed that he had had "military training" in Pakistan. His speech that night at Oxford House, a Victorian hall in a side street off Bethnal Green, was intended to stir passions. He said that it was imperative for Muslims to "instil terror into the hearts of the kuffar".

Occasionally sipping a can of Fanta and gesticulating wildly, he declared: "I am a terrorist. As a Muslim, of course I am a terrorist."

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