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Thursday, September 8, 2005

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1. Arafat’s physician: French found AIDS; cover-up alleged on cause of death.
2. Red Ken Livingstone -‘Don’t turn away’ bomber families.
3. Indonesia - Three Christian women jailed for ‘proselytising’
4. Katrina - Bush Bashing backfires

Katrina and Tsunami - What Lessons do they have for us while fighting Terror?

"When the satellite channels reported on the scope of the terrifying destruction in America [caused by] this wind, I was reminded of the words of [Prophet Muhammad]: 'The wind sends torment to one group of people, and sends mercy to others.' I do not think – and only Allah [really] knows – that this wind, which completely wiped out American cities in these days, is a wind of mercy and blessing. It is almost certain that this is a wind of torment and evil that Allah has sent to this American empire. Out of my absolute belief in the truth of the words of the Prophet Muhammad, this wind is the fruit of the planning [of Allah], as is stated in the text of the Hadith of the Prophet.

I opened the Koran and began to read in Surat Al-R'ad ['The Thunder' chapter], and stopped at these words [of Allah]: 'The disaster will keep striking the unbelievers for what they have done, or it will strike areas close to their territory, until the promise of Allah comes to pass, for, verily, Allah will not fail in His promise. ' [Koran 13:31]."

In the light of the above is not what has been written below prove to be the right attitude?

Waiting for an American Tsunami!

We write this with a heavy heart, but caution readers that this article is not for the faint-hearted.

The coming of the Tsunami has distracted us from the war on terror, but can there be any connection between the Tsunami and the war on terror? Surprisingly so yes, let's see how. The logic of war demands that any natural (or man-made) disaster has to be exploited against the enemy. Imagine, if a five hundred foot high mega Tsunami had started off in the mid Atlantic and had washed off a large part of the USA and Western Europe as it lashed both shores of the Atlantic, along with a major part of our nuclear arsenal and military capability.

Now also imagine that the Arab Muslim world had (as it perhaps has) enough nuclear arsenal to wipe out Israel, Europe and the USA. Would they send across Doctors and medicines to the devastated Western world or would they empty their nuclear arsenals to complete the job of destroying the Western world that the mega Tsunami had left half done?

The answer is obvious!

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Remembering Beslan - The Terrorist crime against School kids is still unpunished

Russia is one country which has carried a war into the enemy's home, destroying the enemy utterly. They burned down Moscow to prevent Napoleon from taking it. Then they harassed his retreating army. Eventually they drove the French not just out of Russia, but marched up to Paris to put and end to Napoleon's threat. Earlier the Mongols has occupied the whole of Russia and had subdued the Russian population. But the will of the hardy Russians was not to be broken. They fought a four hundred war against the Mongols from the 10th century up to the 14th century and ultimately not just drove the Mongols out of Russia, but invaded the homelands of the Mongols in Central Asia, up to the borders of China and made the Mongols a subject race.

Same happened with the Nazis. They were undefeated till 1942. The Russians were the first to halt and reverse the triumphal march at Stalingrad. They pushed the Nazis out of Russia, and back into Germany, till they joined up with the Anglo-American forces on the Elbe river, making the Nazis history. The Russians have proved that they are ruthless once aroused.

Russia is one country which can carry the crusade against Jihad into the Middle East, destroying the enemy utterly.

Today Beslan is a challenge to the Russian spirit. Russia needs to awaken its spirit if it is to save itself from further savagery. Russia can do it, and Russia can do it alone as it did with the Tartars, with Napoleon and with the Nazis. The Tartars were defeated by Russia absolutely single-handedly, while in the war with Napoleon and with the Nazis too, the Western allies came into the picture after Russia had defeated the invader on Russia's home ground single- handedly. Today also, Russia needs to take the lead in the war on terror – America and the West will follow as Waterloo (in 1815) followed Borodino in 1812 and Normandy (in 1944) followed Stalingrad in 1942.

A few years back, the Russians again displayed their ruthlessness against a beastly enemy when they used gas as a weapon to disable the Chechen (Jihadi) terrorists along with the eight hundred hostages which they had held at a theater in Moscow (the Nord-Ost attack). The Russian President Vladimir Putin along with authorities took a hard hearted decision to use the gas which disabled the terrorists along with the hostages No price was small to defeat the terrorists. The forward policy of the Russians of taking the war into enemy territory was what stopped Islam from spreading further into Europe. The Russian also waged a four hundred year crusade against Islam. Had it not been for the Russian resistance from 1676 up to 1918, the whole of Russia would have been Muslim today. The Russo-Turkish Wars were a series of ten wars fought between the Russian Empire and the Turkish-ruled Ottoman Empire during the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries. Their conflict during World War I may also be counted as a tenth and, so far, the last war in the series. Such was the indomitable spirit of the Russians that for three centuries together they did not give up the struggle till they finally destroyed the Jihadi threat to Russia and to Eastern Europe. Although the wars are described as Russo-Turkish wars, they were not national wars, but those of the Christian resistance to a Muslim assault in the name of Islam and Jihad. A resistance in which Russia as the vanguard of the Christendom, came out a winner and with flying colors, that made the haughty and cruel Ottomans scamper back to where they came from and made Turkey from an invading imperial power into a sick man of Europe.

Today the Russians need to revisit this spirit that enabled to save Russia once again from the danger that it (and the entire civilized world) is facing that showed its dirty face at Beslan one year back and will keep showing it up till we have the fortitude to slice off the neck on which rests that dirty face.

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