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Friday, July 8, 2005

Breaking News
1. Toll From London Bombing Raised Above 50
2. Police struggle to reach bodies after London blasts

Do we learn any lessons from the slaughter at London?

It does not matter if Osama is "on the loose" if he is incapacitated, and it does not matter if he is in police custody, his followers will always continue to assault Western, liberal democracy.

Tony Blair said this was "not an attack on one nation but on all nations and on civilized people everywhere." And it was not merely perpetrated by "bin Laden" but by the forces of worldwide Islamic terrorism. President Bush understands one must wage a multi-front war to make the United States safe. This is why the Left's ruse of splitting the war in Iraq from the War on Terror is ridiculous, losing sight of the forest amidst the trees. The war may at times focus on bin Laden but it will surely rage on after his capture, perhaps more violently for a time. And as my friend Alan Nathan pointed out on his radio program "Battleline," at some point this war will have to focus on the terrorists en route to Iraq, before they cross its porous borders. This is why the War on Terror is all of-a- piece, a seemless front against Islamic jihad, wherever the terrorists happen to strike at the moment. It is foolish to reduce the war to any one man. Osama is but the most visible (and best- funded) representative of an Islamofascist movement popular throughout the Muslim world. Including London itself.

Great Britain finds itself the victim of terror in part because of its lax homeland security, open borders, and liberal social welfare policies. Shortly after 9/11 during a raid in Afghanistan, British intelligence discovered al-Qaeda had trained nearly 1,200 Muslim British nationals. This is a tiny percentage of the UK's 1.8 million Muslims, nearly all recent immigrants fed on the King's pence. England also has no Patriot Act, so terrorists have a freer hand in plotting their crimes even in public. Groups like Al-Muhajiroun which celebrated 9/11 as "A Towering Day in History," has called for the assassination of world leaders, and whose leader has ties to Osama bin Laden operated freely post-9/11. London played home to the infamous Finsbury Park Mosque, led by Abu Hamza al-Masri. Finsbury provided spiritual support for "shoe bomber" Richard Reid, al-Qaeda trainee Feroz Abassi, the man who allegedly plotted to blow up the U.S. Embassy in France. When the bobbies made their belated raid, they found chemical weapons gear, as though the mosque were planning to live through a chemical attack. Imam Masri openly told his followers to "terrorize even policy makers," screaming his Friday sermons on the sidewalk. Any society tolerating public cries for its violent overthrow will likely live to see that come to pass.

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American Saudi schools in the USA: home grown terrorist sleeper-cells

Many Muslims brag that Islam is the "fastest growing religion in the world." These new converts have not been brainwashed since infancy, so the indoctrination needs to be swift and harsh. In 1993, the Islamic Assembly of North America published the "Answers to Common Questions to New Muslims." The question put to these Islamic leaders was: "Now that I am Muslim, can I keep my non-Muslim friends that I have known all my life?" Their answer should anger every American. These new Muslims were told to break all ties with non- Muslim friends and family. "You should try to remain away from mixing with non-Muslims because mixing with them removes your religious zealousness and pride from your heart and may lead you to having love and compassion in your heart for them. is obligatory upon a Muslim to be free of the people of infidelity and to hate them for the sake of Allah." Hatred is quickly inserted to new converts mind- set. They isolate and indoctrinate. Americans call it brainwashing.

Islam doesn't allow love and compassion for un-believers. It would be difficult for new converts to kill those that they consider friends. While this teaching session goes on to say that infidels should not be harmed, there is the obligatory exception: "One must not harm them, hurt them or oppose them without justice and rights to do so, as long as they are not fighting us." But we are fighting them because the vast majority of Americans do not wish to be Muslim. This one line justifies killing their neighbor or even their brother if he is not Muslim.

Hatred for infidels is preached from American mosques. The absolute belief that Islam will rule the world is taught in Islamic schools in America and all over the world. New converts to Islam are isolated and indoctrinated to hate their country and their people. The war is here. It's just that the shooting hasn't started yet.

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