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Monday, August 8, 2005

Breaking News
1. Terror Threat : US Embassy to close offices in Saudi Arabia
2. Iran resumes Uranium conversion
3. Iran hardliner heads nuclear team

Countdown to the Iraqi Civil War has begun

The daily pattern of murder in Iraq is spinning out of control; the death toll is becoming unbearable. Iraqi cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani ruled that the indiscriminate slaughtering of politicians and religious dignitaries, children and the elderly has assumed the dimensions of "mass extermination," and that Iraq is headed in the direction of what he called "genocide."

The elderly leader of Iraq's Shiites has consistently urged his fellow Shiites to remain calm and is not given to exaggeration. Indeed, he has good reason to issue his dramatic appeal: Thousands of Iraqi civilians, soldiers and police officers have already met violent deaths in the first half of this year. Nevertheless, Iraq's Interior Minister, Bayan Jabr, says that there is no discernible pattern to the omnipresence of death, no grand plan behind the indiscriminate terror.

But his claim ignores the obvious: The victims of the suicide attacks are almost exclusively Shiites, who represent the majority, or about 60 percent, of the Iraqi population.

The masterminds of terror, especially al-Qaida leader Abu Musab al- Zarqawi, are Sunnis. Their goal is to instigate civil war, which would lead to the complete collapse of this ethnically and religiously divided country.

This civil war, which has in fact been underway for some time, isn't just frightening the citizens of Baghdad, whose lives have become a living hell as a result. It's also alarming Muslim Despots, Tyrants, Kings, Dictators, who sees it as a threat to their thrones. The disintegration of Iraq after a long, bloody civil war would draw a schism across the Muslim world going far beyond Iraq and effectively divide the Muslim world, making the job of finally defeating it much easier. An agenda which although very necessary needs to be kept under wraps for obvious reasons.

Thus the implications of an impending Iraqi civil war poses a direct threat to the thrones of the Muslim potentates across the Islamic crescent and so is a subject of furtive discussions across many stately rooms in Islamic capitals as also many plush drawing rooms of the rich and powerful across the Muslim Ummah.

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The dehumanized face of Islamic Terror

The suave faces of the London bombers need not have deluded us as to their basic mentality which they shared with coarse Jihadi demonstrators such as the ones above.

Anyone who understands the warlike side of Islam knows that killing for Allah and Islam is expected by radical Mullahs and Imams. But dying for Islam is for the gullible fools the Islamic leaders can convince that blowing their bodies to bits is a wonderful way to end their lives. The line between a peaceful Muslim and a militant Muslim seems to grow thinner with each passing day.

However, that is not how the mass murderers such as Bin Laden or Mullah Omar intend to end their lives. They know that all the hype is a lie. Yassar Arafat ran screaming for international help if he suspected that Israel had a bomb with his name on it. One brave terrorist leader in Iraq wore a suicide belt day and night and told his loyal and admiring followers that he would blow himself up before being captured by infidels. Full of bravado when faced with arrest, he surrendered with a whimper, suicide belt intact. The terrorist who boasts of his own courage and willingness to die for Allah, often turns into a spineless wimp when faced with his own death.

Saddam Hussein is a perfect example of one who watched others suffer horrible deaths while he laughed, amused by their agony. But when it was his turn, Saddam sought refuge in a hole in the ground like a rodent and even though he had a gun, he surrendered without firing a shot.

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