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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Breaking News
1. Gunmen kill ex-Palestinian security chief
2. Four American Contractors Killed in Basra
3. Saddam 'confesses' says Iraq head
4. Families across US offer shelter to hurricane victims

Who should we blame when the killing starts in America?

Had we been successful in preventing terrorism from striking us - this would have been the Manhattan skyline today. Can we learn from our experiences, that is our question.

Americans have been wondering why al Qaeda hasn't struck again. It is because of the ever-vigilant Homeland Security folks or is it because of smart Islamic terrorists who see no reason to spend their blood and treasure attacking the American mainland to win the war in Iraq.

The slaughter in Iraq is just the beginning and Islam has a voracious appetite. Iraq will just be a snack. It's the world that Islam hungers for.

The withdrawal of American troops from Iraq would be heralded as a great Islamic victory, and the slaughter of Americans on American soil would begin.

The scenario could go something like this: Sleeper cells would be activated. American Muslims unwilling to cooperate would be al Qaeda's first targets. Groups like al Qaeda and the Council on American/Islamic Relations (CAIR) would then declare that it is the "Muslim-hating" and bitter Americans who are slaughtering the American Muslims, and enrage Muslims all over the world. Al Jazeera would endlessly play the videos of dead American Muslims and blown up American mosques. Then, the mass slaughter of the infidel Americans will be justified in the eyes of Islam and furious Muslims all over the world would demand it. It's a good plan for the terrorists when you think about it. It has worked perfectly against Israel.

Pulling the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan would not end the war. It would be a new beginning for Islam. Heady with a sense of power, Islam would step up its attacks on the West, expecting the same pattern of cowering, withdrawal, and finally, surrender.

The attacks like those in Madrid and London would be an everyday occurrence with one small difference. The attacks would be in Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Dallas, and all over America. Water supplies would be poisoned, the food supply attacked with anthrax and botulism. Schools, hospitals, tunnels, power plants, and bridges would be bombed to isolate cities and terrorize the population. Is this list being pulled out of a hat? Is this just one more rightwing- nut declaring the end of civilization? No, this list is right out of the al Qaeda Handbook. This handbook is Islam's updated plan of how to terrorize and dominate the world.

This is the enemy that Cindy Sheehan doesn't acknowledge. This Al Qaeda terrorist handbook is quite detailed in its plans describing how to kill, terrorize, and force the world to accept Islam. It was written long before the coalition forces attacked Iraq. It was written before the Taliban was purged from Afghanistan. It was written before 9/11.

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The Al Qaeda's Instruction Manual of Terrorism

The Al Qaeda Manual states:

"Measures that Should be Taken by the Undercover Members:

1. Not reveal his true name to the Organization's members who are working with him, nor to the [Islamic]Da'wa [Call ].

2 .Have a general appearance that does not indicate Islamic orientation (beard, toothpick, book,[long] shirt, small Koran).

3. Be careful not to mention the brothers' common expressions or show their behaviors (special praying appearance, "may Allah reward you", "peace be on you" while arriving and departing, etc.)

4. Avoid visiting famous Islamic places (mosques, libraries, Islamic fairs, etc.)

5. Place important luggage (having bombs) among the passengers' luggage without identifying the one who placed it. If it is discovered, its owner would not be arrested. In trains, it [the luggage] should be placed in a different car than that of its owner.

6. The brother traveling on a "special mission" should not get involved in religious issues (advocating good and denouncing evil) or day-to-day matters (seat reservation,...).

After the Conclusion of the Meeting:

1. Departing singly or in pairs, depending on the number of members present.

2. Not heading directly onto main roads but to secondary ones.

3. Not speaking about what was discussed in the meeting, during or after departure.

4. Removing all observers after the members depart.

5 .Not leaving anything that would lead [to the fact that ]there was anyone there except the owner.

E. Raiding and capturing one of the members.

1. Establishing a plan to repel the attack, which consists of the following:

a. Who will engage the enemy with bullets?

b. Who will flee with the important

documents and who will burn the rest?

c. Not heading directly to other organization locations.

When wishing to recruit an agent, events should occur naturally. You may agree with a friend that he invite the person to be recruited for dinner, or something similar. While that intermediary person is talking with him, he notices your arrival at your friend 's, greets you, starts to converse with you, and invites you to sit down with the person you want to recruit.

When meeting with the agent, make sure neither you or the meeting place are being monitored. Do not enter a place to meet with an agent before he does. There could be a trap for you.

If you wait for your agent at the agreed-upon location, you could be a target for him. Be especially careful if he goes to the bathroom. Once, in Belgium, an Israeli Mossad officer met an Arab agent. A few minutes after they sat down, the Arab agent said that he had to go get something. When he returned, the Israeli intelligence agent was still there. The Arab agent then pulled out a pistol and shot the Mossad agent several times.

In order to communicate with the agent, it is necessary to specify locations such as parks, a university campus area, etc.

It is necessary to continuously communicate with the agent, to learn about his problems and requests, help him as much as possible, lift his morale, and renew his confidence.

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