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Thursday July 7, 2005

Breaking News
1. Report: Islamic Group Claims London Blasts
2. London blasts throw G8 summit into crisis

Jihad finally reaches London - where will it go next from here?

This is an report we had filed before the elections in the UK. Mercifully the terrorists were not successful then. Now unfortunately they have been with a sereis of explosions in central London Tube stations.

Three months back in March 2005 we wrote that "According to Reuters, Terrorists may try to strike the country in the run-up to an election expected within weeks, just as bombers struck Spain shortly before a vote there, London's police chief says in an interview."

The time is ripe to hunt down the terrorists. There are millions of them living in London, New York, Washington D.C., Madrid and thee are in all one billion and a half of them governing countries from Morocco to Indonesia from where they plan their attacks and get financial and logistical support. When are we and especially the leaders of the civilized world going to grow wiser to the nature of this apocalyptic threat of Islam. Three months back a British official Sir Ian Blair said "I don't see this in the sense of some huge security operation, but I have pointed out that -- with an election coming up -- terrorists might just remember the bombings in Madrid only a year ago," Unfortunately he has been proved wrong today. The tens who have lost their lives in London are the mute testimony to this

He said in March this year: "We must be aware that al Qaeda will see the opportunity this year for a worldwide statement," he told Whitehall and Westminster World, a magazine for civil servants. Yes they have done just that with the G8 meeting in Edinburgh as the occasion and made a statement to the entire globe. while the leftists and communist friends of the Jihadis are running amok around Gleneagles

He said in March that "I know my professional intelligence assessments and I know that we are facing a threat more significant than anything we have faced since the Cold War and the Nazi tyranny before it." How unfortunately right he was. But will this be a wake- up call for the West?

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Shape of things to come in Iraq and across the World in the War on Terror

Some of the following events in this list that was compiled immediately after the elections in Iraq have already come true. The rest could do so in the near future:

Terrorists blow up Iraqi Police Stations, Army Rerruitment centers and Army barracks
Terrorist kidnap more Westerners, Western and Arab diplomats as a new terror tactic
Terrorists blow off Iraqi parliament, Presidential palace Prime Minister's residence
Terrorists assassinate Ministers, Parliamentarians
A full scale civil war starts between the Sunni dominated insurgents and the new Shia and Kurd Iraqi military
Iran sends in insurgents to back Shias
Saudis, Syrians, Egyptians, Kuwaitis, Palestinians send in insurgents to back Sunnis
Saudis and Kuwaitis call for US action to stop Iran from intensifying the Iraqi civil war
US seizes the opportunity and bombs Iranian nuke facilities
Iran tries to crash missiles into Israel and Europe
Internal rebellion breaks out in Iran
US special forces start operating inside Iran to topple Mullah regime

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Listen to what Muslims say

Muslims leave fellow Muslims to be rescued by the evil West. As Indonesian Muslims wear Osama bin Laden T-shirts, it is not bin Laden bringing them food, water, and treating their wounded. The people saving their lives are the very people they profess to hate. Most Muslims don't know why they hate Americans; it's just that they are taught to hate Americans.

It's ironic that we know they hate Americans but still we come to help. We do it because that is what we do and what we have always done. Will it dawn on a few of them that there is no help coming from Islam and help from fellow Muslims will never come? Sadly, no, they will not. Once the crisis is over, the Mullahs will whip young Muslims into frenzy and tell them Americans are evil infidels that must die, and those we have just saved from starvation will strap on their suicide vests and pick up their guns and do as they are told. After all, young Muslims in poor countries know that if they don't kill infidels, they can't go to heaven. Their religious leaders have taught them this. We all know Islamic leaders never lie to their people do they?

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