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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Breaking News
1. Iran vows enrichment after U.N. referral
2. US warning after Iran breaks IAEA seals to enrich uranium, and dares UN, US and Israel
3 Americans Said to Meet Rebels, Exploiting Rift
4 American Journalist Kidnapped in Iraq
Other News
1. He is a war criminal and he should die violently' - More gracious good wishes for Ariel Sharon from the Palestinians.
1.Zawahri says U.S. defeated in Iraq
2. In southern Thailand: Muslim Terrorists shoot dead five.

Today's exclusive Story :

7/7, French Riots, Bali, Delhi and now the Cartoon Mayhem - the Iranian Connection?

Many are going to scoff at the connection of these disparate attacks over a period of nine months, and the Iranian connection in them. But wait a minute. Have you noted that each of these attacks were preceded by the targeted countries raising the ante against Iran?

7/7 happened with the G8 summit at Gleneagles in Scotland. A week before that the British Foreign Secretary had castigated Iran’s nuclear deception, and this topic was bound to be mentioned, if not highlighted at the G8 summit. Then 7/7 happened, deflecting the focus of terrorism from Iran to the general threat of terrorism. Iran did not come under suspicion, the pointers were towards Al Qaeda, although there is a link now between the Sunni Al Qaeda and Shiite Iran.

The 2nd Bali carnage – An Iranian warning to the Aussies

Australia has been a steadfast backer of the US led War on Terror. It had been hit once before at Bali in 2002, the recent attack on the same location was to remind the Aussies how terror can strike them once again with ease. The Bali attacks had preceded John Howard’s declaration that Australia would stand firmly with the US and UK on Iran. But till then, no one suspected an Iranian hand behind these attacks which were also blamed on the Al Qaeda alone.

Proof that the French smelt the Iranian rat behind the Riots

But then you may ask why France and India were targeted? India has been Iran’s traditional friend, in that club of theirs, which is the non-aligned movement. But then India too voted against Iran in the September 2005 resolution and it paid the price of being attacked during a major Hindu festival in October.

And France of all the countries which played such a destabilizing role during the build up towards the Iraq war to protect its trade ties with Saddam, has been a steadfast opponent of Iran. The riots that shook France in October were a result of the Iranian Intelligence doing its clandestine work.

You may ask what is the basis of pointing a finger at Iran for the riots in France. This is evidenced in the statement by Chirac, that if France is destabilized, then France may attack the adversary – with weapons that may not be conventional!

The Indians too smelt the Iranian Rat behind Delhi Bomb Blasts

And India too which had earlier hosted Khatami in Delhi, cancelled a visit by Ahmedinejad. This was a clear indication that the India’s too smelt a rat about Iran’s involvement in the Delhi attacks. They also cooled off to the pipeline from Yadavaran in Iran – a project that was jingoistically paraded by the Stalinist minister in the Indian cabinet - Mani Iyer.

This worthy was also stripped off his Petroleum portfolio and given one of village development. The other Stalinist minister Natwar Singh was unceremoniously shunted out for his role in the Oil-for-Food scandal. This worthy was also a backer of Iran. Thus the Indians made their suspicion of Iran very obvious.

And now the Iranian connection behind the Cartoon Mayhem

So now what? With the needle of suspicion pointing at Iran, we can be pretty sure that the present rumpus in burning embassies, torching flags and giving death threats to entire nations with the cartoons as an alibi also has an Iranian hand behind it.

The cartoons were published in August, why did the controversy have to erupt only when Iran was about to be referred to the UNSC?

The Iranian Mullahs have proved that they have many aces rolled up their sleeve. We need to cut off the hand over which the sleeve is rolled up.

We need to take drastic measures of REAL Shock and Awe that will see Iranian nuclear installations incinerated whether with Israeli Kfirs or our unmanned drones, F18s or Tomahawks.

In this venture collateral damage is unavoidable. But only resolute action by the allies can make the Iranian people rise up against the decadent but extremely dangerous Nuclear Mullahs of the ace terrorist regime of the world. We need to get moving on Iran before they are in a better position to defend themselves by further dispersing their nuclear facilities, digging deeper underground below mountains, and sharpening their radar and air defense installation either with or without Russian help.

Our enemy has made evident to us the reach they have in the string of terror attack and the ongoing mayhem about the cartoon, we need to move fast and decisively against Iran.

Let us give Iran the Bombs – As Soon As Possible

Only when we give the Mullahs a bloody nose will they sue for peace or be totally destroyed. But we can tell them that we mean business when we vaporize them and millions of their followers who scream “Death to America” into radioactive dust.

The Mullahs and their followers understand only one language – that of Blood and Death. We shall need to speak to them in that language FAST, if we are to avoid an Iranian Electro-magnetic attack on our Homeland that would put 9/11 in to the shade.

ElBaredei – the Man to Watch out for!

What does a Citizen do when a convicted murderer gets hold of a dagger?

An obvious answer is that the citizen calls up the Cops to nab the would be murderer. And if the Cop is not around, the citizen gathers fellow citizens and grapples with the murderer before the murderer can do anyone in.

This is precisely the situation on the global arena today. The IAEA has taken a forward step by recommending that the Iranian Mullah regime be referred to the UN Security Council. The only question mark is the role played and to be played by Mohammed ElBaradei.

Mohammed ElBaradei – the Devli’s Advocate

We need to keep a watch on Mohammed ElBaradei. His role in this affair is getting dubious. He has tried to shield Iran from strict action. He has said that the situation is not critical. He has met the Iranian delegation at his home. Why these favors. This brings his role under a cloud.

His acceptance speech at the Noble Peace Prize also underlined that we should avoid using military means to settle nuclear issues.

He is a man to watch as he is proving to be the Devil’s Advocate – literally!

The True Face of Mohammed - the founder of Terrorism

(Illustration courtesy: Jyllands-Posten - a Danish daily newspaper)

This lecherous murderer Mohammed’s first victims were women. He hated independence for women. Pre-Islamic Arabic women never wore the Hijab (cloak) or Nikab (mask). It was the sick mind of this mass murderer that forced these practices on Muslim ladies and pushed them in to a zenana (Ladies quarters)

Before the idea crosses your mind that we are trying to defame the holy Prophet (sic@#$%^), please realize that we are paying him a tribute with this portrait of his by Abdullah Aziz of

Mohammed in real life was far more murderous than this portrait might suggest. He was a pioneer in mass murder, lecherous incest and mind-numbing torture. Hence this relatively ‘humane’ looking portrait of this heinous ghoul Mohammed is in fact our tribute to him.

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Photo Caption: The Basij marching through Tehran - "We will give our blood for you Khameinei"

What Action is RIGHT on Iran?

The Mullahs know that their time is running out. Either we go to war against Iran, or Iran will have a democratic revolution by Fall (Autum).


The mullahs know that if they cave-in to the USA/EU/UN then their tyrannized populace will see them as weak and rise up, and the Mullahs will have a democratic revolution on their hands. If the mullahs don't give in, then the Americans will preemptively attack them (the way we attacked Saddam- only ten times harder). This too will lead to a democratic revolution.

Therefore, we predict that between now and spring of 2006 the Mullahs will greatly increase their support of Neojihadist mayhem in Iraq and Northern Israel - just in order to distract the US from Iran's own deceits on the nuclear front.

All this is not some Beltway Buzz. Condoleezza Rice gave an indication of the US mindset when she replying to a question on how long Washington would wait before deciding to seek tougher action against Iran, Rice said, "I don't want to put a timeline on it, but I think we probably want to make an assessment this summer and see where we are and see how far we've gone."

The Mullahs' filibuster tactics of deception and delay tactics won't work. Bush is not easily deceived; (nor will Mofaz be). Resolute men of deep moral conviction rarely are.

It'll soon be action-time folks. Iran will be the theater. So make your choice, what is the right action on Iran:

- We should attack Iran with missiles now and destroy their nuclear facilities

- We should send in ground troops and depose the Mullah regime

- Safety of American citizens overrides getting an UN resolution allowing us to take out Iran's nuclear facilities

- We should refer Iran to the security council for sanctions before attacking it

- We should use only diplomatic means to tackle Iran

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Why did Israel and the United States pressurize the Palestinian Authority to hold an election that would bring Hamas to the forefront?

Here a question comes to mind: Why did Israel prevail on the United States and both of them pressurized the Palestinian Authority to hold an election, especially all indications were towards a Hamas victory. Then the Hamas had won the parliamentary elections last year and had trounced the Fatah in many West Bank cities. These results were an unambiguous indication that the Hamas could repeat its successes in the Parliamentary election.

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Murderers elect Murderers to Power!!!

Will Hamas destroy Israel or will Israel destroy Hamas?

The election of a bunch of murderers like Hamas to power in Judea, Samaria and Gaza reflects the mentality of the Palestinian electorate. They want murderers to govern them. This is so because all of them are murderers and naturally so as they follow the Instruction manual of Hate and Murder – the blasted Quran,

We need to recollect that it was a similar election that brought a mass-murderer to power in 1933 – Hitler. Hamas is no different. And if we want to avoid another HOLOCAUST, we need to bring justice to our would be murderers before they do us in.

C’mon guys, let’s roll.

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Warrantless Wiretapping: Should we bring such men under Electronic Surveillance or give him the freedoms we reserve for gentlemen citizens

What does Muslim law as stated in the Quran has to say about unbelievers like us:
Oh ye who believe! Murder those of the disbelievers and let them find harshness in you. (Repentance: 123)

So the Quran asks him to murder us. There is no point in telling us that all this in the Quran was relevant at one time hundreds of years back but now is not relevant. Don’t Muslims tell us that the Quran is the word of their god and that it is inviolable. So every Muslim is supposed to follow these bloodthirsty injunctions and these are the words they take as their gospel when they murder and maim Americans and others.

Photo Warrantless Wiretapping of Muslim phone lines and Electronic Surveillance of Radiation around Mosques

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