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Friday May 6, 2005

Congrats Tony on your Hat Trick, now reach out to the British people, as also to the Tories.

Tony's Hat Trick!


The Capture of Al Qaeda Honcho Abu Farraj al-Libbi, and Musharraf's Dance of Death

The clear positive outcome of the Pakistani campaign against Al Qaeda is to keep the Muslims a divided house. For sure, we know that there are chaps in the Pakistani army and the ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) who are seething with rage at Musharraf's actions. A Jihadi coup attempt is on the cards in Pakistan, especially so, if Musharraf manages to arrest Zawahiri or Osama, as much as President Bush would like him to do so. Then the fat would be in the fire with a vengeance. If Musharraf does not succeed in nabbing the two, American pressure on him will increase.

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An American has a few questions for Muslims

Muslims hate us, then why in the world are you even here? Are you here to take our money? Are you here to undermine our peace and stability? Are you here to destroy us?

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Muslim Attacks on Americans began 200 years back in 1801

The Muslim attack on America did not begin on 9/11, nor is it a recent phenomenon. It has existed since the beginning of the USA. In fact Muslim animosity was born the day Islam was born in 622 C.E., nearly 1400 years back, and will last till Islam lasts.

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Al-Qaida desperadoes express a will to Attack White House and Vatican

It rankles in the hearts of the mindless Jihadis that on 9/11, the civilian airliner that was brought down over Pennsylvania had to miss its target - the White House, or the Capitol. So followers of terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi want to attack the White House or the Vatican if their leader chooses to target them. Their statement says; "We have taken our decision, depending on God, to fight the infidels, the hypocrites and the villains," the statement said. "Even if you (al-Zarqawi) take us to the White House and the bastion of the Vatican, we will stick close to you until you achieve your aim." - Zarqwai deputy, Abu Abdel-Rahman al-Iraqi.

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Exclusive Coverage

Logic behind Iran's Mullahs' Desperation to get Nuclear Weapons.

Putin's romance with Palestinians, Iranians and Syrians - Shades of Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1939?

Iran's Duplicity in building Nuclear weapons under the cloak of Energy Requirements recalls Hitler's duplicity of building Luftwaffe using Flying Clubs

Vietnam War and the War on Terror - similarities and differences

Islamic Terrorists Murder Students at "Immoral Picnic" Book Review: Atomic Iran - Jerome R. Corsi Security breached at US nuclear power plant


A new and deadly form of Terrorism is Emerging

We are dealing with nihilists and despots who worship a death-cult. They hate modern liberalism and democracy and their ideology is the cousin of fascism and communism. When we faced Stalin and Hitler, the last thing we needed to do was agonize over why they didn’t like our societies, lifestyles and systems of government. Neither should we do anything different in confronting the Osamas and Al Zarqawis. More....

Past Editorials

There will come a point when widespread Muslim terror attacks against the U.S. will no longer allow military actions as we have taken in Iraq and Afghanistan and will call for a re-appraisal of our military strategy…… More....

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American Atheists meet
It was a good Friday - with a small "g" - for Lori Lynner, 39, who chatted with another member of the American Atheists group inside the Hyatt Regency at Penn's Landing…. »»


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