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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Breaking News
1. Terrorists threaten to kill Egyptian Ambassador to Iraq
2. U.S. Holding 5 Americans for Iraq Activity
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A partition in Muslim world on Iraq attacks

Finally an attempt for ending the Saudi Double Game with the Saudi Arabia Accountability Act of 2005

A violent and expansionist program is not solely the province of Saudi Wahhabis. The Pakistani Islamic leader Syed Abul Ala Maududi (1903-1979), who was not a Wahhabi, declared that non-Muslims have "absolutely no right to seize the reins of power in any part of God's earth nor to direct the collective affairs of human beings according to their own misconceived doctrines." If they do, he said, "the believers would be under an obligation to do their utmost to dislodge them from political power and to make them live in subservience to the Islamic way of life." Likewise the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood theorist Sayyid Qutb (1906-1966), also a non- Wahhabi, declared: "Islam cannot accept any mixing with Jahiliyyah [the society of unbelievers]. Either Islam will remain, or Jahiliyyah; no half-half situation is possible…. The foremost duty of Islam is to depose Jahiliyyah from the leadership of man, with the intention of raising human beings to that high position which Allah has chosen for him."

Nevertheless, the Saudis are the foremost and most moneyed exponents of such ideas around the globe today. In a 2002 interview with Al- Jazeera, Saudi Sheikh Mohsin Al-`Awaji, praised Osama bin Laden as "a man of honor, a man who abstains [from the pleasures] of this world, a brave man, and a man who believes in his principles and makes sacrifices [for them]." Indeed, "the Saudi people love every Jihad warrior, every fighter, and every man of honor, whether in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kashmir, or southern Sudan." Another Saudi Sheikh, Dr. Muhammad Al-Khasif, added: "There are dozens, even millions, who lift up their eyes to Osama bin Laden as a savior." A June 2004 poll found that almost half of the Saudis polled viewed Osama bin Laden positively.

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Islamic propaganda machine in the US

Groups such as The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) add fuel to the fire because these groups are high-profile and very vocal.

Recently both of these Islamic groups refused to join moderate Muslims calling themselves the Free Muslim Coalition at a rally called the "Free Muslims March Against Terrorism." The goal of the group is to condemn Islamic terrorists. Kamal Nawash and his group also believe that there should not be any government under the strict control of Islam. Since total domination of the world by Islam is the unspoken goal of groups such as CAIR and MPAC, they have no desire to join moderate Muslims in any march against terrorism.

When groups such as CAIR condemn the mutilation of the murdered bodies of four Americans but not the murders, it becomes clear where CAIR stands on the issue of terrorists. Forget what these groups say but watch what they do. CAIR reminds me of a pickpocket who smiles broadly at you as he lifts your wallet.

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A new and deadly form of Terrorism is Emerging

We are dealing with nihilists and despots who worship a death- cult. They hate modern liberalism and democracy and their ideology is the cousin of fascism and communism. When we faced Stalin and Hitler, the last thing we needed to do was agonize over why they didn't like our societies, lifestyles and systems of government. Neither should we do anything different in confronting the Osamas and Al Zarqawis. More....

Past Editorials

There will come a point when widespread Muslim terror attacks against the U.S. will no longer allow military actions as we have taken in Iraq and Afghanistan and will call for a re- appraisal of our military strategy…… More....

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