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Friday, August 5, 2005

Breaking News
1. US forces launch major operation in Western Iraq near Syrian border
2. Clerics Hope Islam Basis for Law in Iraq
3. Enemy in Iraq getting deadlier
4. U.K. institutes new deportation measures

A tale of two allies - USA and Pakistan

This is how many Pakistanis perceive Musharraf's fair weather friendship with President Bush.

Very few realize that we need the Saudis as allies till we get Iran under control. After that our policy towards the Saudis will take a 180 degree turn, the way our policy of backing the Mujahideen did after the Soviet retreat from Afghanistan and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Same holds for our alliance with Pakistan. We have designated Pakistan to be MNNA (Major Non-NATO Ally) and pamper it by referring to Musharraf and Pakistan as our Strategic ally in the fight against terror. Any guesses why we do not refer to Pakistan as our "Natural" Ally in this fight? Here is why:

Reasons Why Pakistan is our Strategic Ally, but not our Natural Ally

- America is a functioning democracy, while Pakistan is an effective military dictatorship and has been so for most of the past half a century

- The American psyche is against theocratic and military dictatorships, while most Pakistanis favor theocracy, as is evident from the election of the fundamentalist parties, like the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) in the NWFP

- Americans have attitudes favoring the growth of secular democracy and free enterprise. There are no hang-ups, towards the growth of a liberal globally-integrated economy. A majority of Pakistanis support orthodox Islamic attitudes opposed to modern banking and finance on theological grounds of preventing the levying of commercial banking interest on business loans and advances.

- A majority of us Americans are for liberal modern fun-loving easygoing lifestyles, while many Pakistanis support the outlook of the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) that calls for a ban on dancing, singing, watching movies on pubs, wines and spirits, and also on watching television!

- Despite free debates here, the American psyche supports for scientific progress epitomized by Information Technology and Stem Cell research. Unlike this Pakistanis support the usage of technology only for warfare like nuclear technology which they have copied, stolen bought on the black market from across the globe and have dispersed it across the Islamic world.

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Nuke Terror coming to our shores soon?

Would a nuclear attack on America cause confusion, panic, and chaos? Of course, it would. But as every television screen played the images of a great city like Chicago lying in ruins and Americans saw the charred bodies of fellow Americans lying in the streets, the rage would be unlike anything the world has ever witnessed. Muslims in America would be overwhelmed in a heartbeat. American rage would reach across the world to the farthest corner and there is no one that would dare to try and stop us. Sane people would be too wise to interfere and truth be known, the world would wish America success because they know they would be next if we fail.

It is said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. The last nation that thought it had gained the upper hand against the United States was Japan. After a very successful attack which destroyed much of America's naval fleet, a sober Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is said to have related to his crew that all Japan had succeeded in doing was awakening a sleeping giant and filling it with a terrible resolve. Yamamoto knew Americans and he understood the American mindset because he had lived and gone to school in the United States. In his heart, he knew that once Americans were angered and determined, Japan would lose the war it had started. Yamamoto was right.

It seems Islam has not learned from history. Recently, the term "Muslim Nation" has been used on Islamic sites and in Islamic newspapers. Islam has no country. Islamics believe the world is their country and because young Muslims have been taught the entire world is the "Muslim Nation," many have no loyalty to any true country.

Islamic attacks around the world are on the rise and Islam feels bold and untouchable. Muslims who truly denounce this activity have little time left to stop their warlike fellow Muslims.

If the killing continues, the civilzed world will rise up with America and that will be the end of the Islamic dream of world domination. It could well be the end of Islam.

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