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Monday, April 4, 2005

(There was no issue on Sunday, April 3, as our offices were closed to mourn the passing away of the Holy Father)

A. Q. Khan, Father of Pakistan’s Islamic Atom Bomb met Osama Bin Laden – Proves how Pakistan is the Trojan Horse in the War on Terror

Pakistani nuclear scientists A Q Khan and Sultan Bashiruddin Mehmood had held meetings with Osama bin Laden and other al-Qaeda leaders, exchanged letters with militant groups like Lashkar-e-Toiba and attended their gatherings and rallies.
The Musharraf regime is today running with the American hare and hunting with the Jihadi Hound! And is reaping the benefits from the USA while passing the benefits to the Jihadis. While the USA has supplied Pakistan with F16s, the Jihadis are using Pakistani soil to base their training camps…

Read this story....

Islamists attack Thai Airport

Islamists Bombed airport, city in Thai south, one dead: police. The two simultaneous explosions come just two days after a team from the world’s largest Islamic group, the Indonesia-based Nahdlatul Ulama, wrapped up a five-day mission to the region aimed at mediating between the government and Muslim militants. Read this story....

The Future of the UN needs to be re-looked at.

We can at least start winding up the UN by asking it to vacate its premises at New York, suspend all financial contributions to this peacetime talking shop and replace it with a formal, Emergency Council. Maybe the UN could relocate to Paris, Berlin or maybe to Geneva where the defunct League of Nations once had its offices, before the outbreak of World War 2. Read this story....

Terrorists Attack on Abu Ghraib Prison to release criminals, foiled

At least 40 militants fired rocket-propelled grenades and set off two car bombs at the infamous prison as darkness fell. Soldiers and Marines stationed at the detention facility responded, and the resulting clash and gunfight lasted about 40 minutes. The attackers were repulsed. Read this story....

When the “brave” Soldiers of allah hide under beds

A brave soldier of allah who boasts that they love death and martyrdom while we Westerners love life, is found hiding under the bed when the IDF moved in.Read this story....

Islamic Terrorists Murder Students at "Immoral Picnic" Book Review: Atomic Iran - Jerome R. Corsi Security breached at US nuclear power plant


There will come a point when widespread Muslim terror attacks against the U.S. will no longer allow military actions as we have taken in Iraq and Afghanistan and will call for a re-appraisal of our military strategy…… More....

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American Atheists meet
It was a good Friday - with a small "g" - for Lori Lynner, 39, who chatted with another member of the American Atheists group inside the Hyatt Regency at Penn's Landing…. »»


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