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Monday, October 3, 2005

Breaking News
1. Revealed: British Muslim link to Bali bombs
2. University of Oklahoma Blast Is Apparent Suicide Bombing
3. Israeli imam raises fears of Jerusalem jihad
4. Bali bombing marks start of Ramadan barbarism promised by Al Qaeda
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2. Algerian Islamists to Reject Amnesty
1. PLO's lies exposed
2. Hamas encourages women to take up jihad
3. Petroleum jihad urged
4. The export of the jihad is coming home to roost
5. Killing from Qur’anic Piety: Tamerlane’s Living Legacy

Net Gain from the War on Terror

- The simple use of demographics of democracy against our enemy

The Sunni terrorist Zarqawi has openly called for elimination of Shiites in Iraq. We have not asked the Shiites to fight back, we have enabled them to fight back, by giving them power, both political through the demographics of democracy and by training more of them as security forces (army and police) in Iraq.

The cycle of Shiite- Sunni violence once started, grows exponentially and would soon spill outside Iraq. The Saudis are already getting the jitters that the Iraqi fires will singe them too and they have started making noises when they come here to pay their respects for the six decade long "alliance".

The only thing which is going in favor of our adversary are the rising oil prices, along with which rise their oil revenues and the disposable income available to finance terror activities as also their clandestine nuclear programs. This is in part the explanation for the Iranian belligerence on the nuclear issue. Their is no solution in sight to bring down oil prices, in fact they would go up further as the oil producing areas become increasingly disturbed when the military action against Iran begins in 2006. In the next five years oil prices will peak up, touching perhaps $300 per barrel when the Mid-East oil supplies go for a toss when North-eastern province of Saudi Arabia is swept under secessionist strife. ($ 300 sounds too cruel but this will happen, can't help it.

And this would be once again our application of demographics of democracy against our enemy using the case of self- determination for the Saudi population after we take charge of Saudi Arabia and enforce an election there. The happenings in Iraq today will be repeated there, with the Shiites wanting federalism and then finally secession from Saudi Arabia.

With the oil rich Shiite province gone, the Saudis will be left high and dry, to prevent which the Sunnis from the Hejaz (Western Saudi Arabia) will flock to oil rich Dhahran, AL Khobar in a copycat insurgency that we see in Iraq today.

In fact it is for their Shiite majority that Dhahran was the scene of the first terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia in 1995, and Al Khobar too had a taste of it in 2004. The Saudi situation will go from the frying pan to the fire once we move into the peninsula to enforce universal adult franchise. This will set the Shiite cat among the Saudi pigeons. But this will have to wait till we deal with Iran and then with Syria.

This occupation of Saudi Arabia in fact would be our final master-stroke using the alibi of giving the right of self determination to a Shiite majority of the oil rich North-Eastern Province of the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). Before that would be our venture to bring secularists to power in a Shiite country - Iran and setting the Mullahs and secularists there at each others throats. This would be followed by bringing Sunnis to power through the ballot in a country where the Shiites (Alawites) are in power through the occupation of Syria starting a Shiite insurgency against the Sunnis in a reversal of the Iraqi situation! Masterly isn't it? and too good to be true! But happen it will!

So buddies, this is how we would divide a house of murderers against itself and make the job of hunting down all murderers that much easier by making the murderers murder each other. Just hang around and you will see this happening in the next half a decade.

The only fly in the ointment could be our adversaries smelling a rat and cobbling up a few nukes or pilfering/buying them from the Pakistani military, to be set off in our ports and cities before the above strategy could run its course, necessitating a course correction and a fast-forward of the War on Terror. Will this happen is the million $ question.

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To defeat Islam we need to emulate Muslims and fight to kill

(Sorry for this gruesome photograph, but this is the reality of Islam). Islamic ferocity made single combat a deathly struggle for its adversaries

The Arab Muslims never allowed their adversaries to escape by retreating. They found sadistic glee in slaughtering their defeated opponents to the last man.

After the Arabs has slaughtered two thirds of the Persian army at Qadissiyah, they did not stop, but continued to march to the Persian capital Ctesiphon (Teesfoon). The Arabs were not interested in a border war but were intent in defeating Persia utterly b marching into the nook and corner of that country. The prize – the Persian capital was the first in their path. When the Arab hordes started nearing Ctesiphon, the hapless Persian emperor Yazdgard, who had never thought that such a calamity would befall him with the barefooted Arab lizard eaters, coming at his doorstep as victors, sent out an emissary to the advancing Arab Muslims. The emissary said:

"Our emperor asks if you would be agreeable to peace on the condition that the Tigris should be the boundary between you and us, so that whatever is with us on the eastern side of the Tigris remains ours and whatever you have gained on the western side is yours. And if this does not satisfy your land hunger, then nothing would satisfy you."

Saad-ibn-Wagas the Arab Muslim Commander-in-Chief told the emissary that the Muslims were not hungry for land; and that they were fighting to convert the Persians to Islam. He added that if the Persian emperor wanted peace it was open to him to accept Islam, or to pay Jizya. If both the alternatives were not acceptable then peace was out of question, and only the sword could decide the issue between them. This revealed the terminal uncompromising nature of the Islamic threat.

The Hapless Persian emperor, withdrew to the fortress of Hulwan, from there to Rayy and finally to Merv, near the border of the Persian empire with the land of the Central Asian Turks, where he died fighting the Muslims in 651 – seventeen years after the Arabs had first attacked Persia.

The Arab attack on Persia revealed the fatal nature of the Muslim menace, a factor that remains unchanged till today. So when fighting the Muslims, either you defeat and completely and permanently annihilate them, or they will continue to haunt you and make you embrace that bloodthirsty creed and turn you into bloodthirsty hounds yourself, baying for the blood of those who are as yet not Muslim.

The governments of the USA, UK, Russia and other Western (and Eastern nations) need to recognize the threat of Jihadi terrorism for what it is, an existential threat. Either you survive or the Muslims. You cannot negotiate with the Muslims, You cannot compromise with them, you cannot appease them, while remaining non-Muslims, you can only fight them to death, either your death or theirs. And if civilization has to survive, all non-Muslims need to unite and take Islam to its grave. There s no other escape from the Islamic challenge to human civilization.

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