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1. Iran vows enrichment after U.N. referral
2. US warning after Iran breaks IAEA seals to enrich uranium, and dares UN, US and Israel
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1. Americans Said to Meet Rebels, Exploiting Rift

Today's exclusive Story :

Iraq - What the Ears can See!

We hear today Donald Rumsfeld saying that our strategy in Iraq needs to be re-examined!

One of our Hispanic Member of Congress says in Arabic on Al Jazeera that our policy in Iraq has been “stupid and arrogant”!

A leading British general says that the presence of British troops is exacerbating the problems in Iraq!

One of our general says that the offensive in Baghdad has not succeeded!

Even President Bush says that the situation in Iraq is like the Tet offensive that eventually led to the withdrawal of our marines from Vietnam and the fall of the Thieu regime (after his demise).

And the bloomer of them all, we want to involve Iran and Syria (two members of the ‘Axis of Evil’) to help stabilize Iraq!! This last part foxes us at WoJ entirely.

And hey what does all this defeatist rhetoric take us towards? It takes us out of Iraq. But why invite the Iranians and Syrians into Iraq?

We can see only one outcome. The Syrians are Baathists, but mainly Sunni and the Iranians are fanatical Shiites about to acquire a nuclear edge. Although the Syrian Baathists regime may behave reasonably within the limits of decency (by the dubious Middle Eastern standards), can the Iranians be expected to help in stabilizing Iraq – or for that matter stabilize anything at all, knowing fully well the ‘wipe off Israel rhetoric’ that comes from Ahmedinnerjacket?

We cannot swallow the Iranian bit in stabilizing Iraq; hook, line and sinker! What might best happen is that the Iranians would play the role of helping the Shiites to take over Iraq or help in carving up Iraq into a Shiite zone in the South (the Amara offensive is a precursor). Both moves would be fiercely contested by the Sunnis. The Syrians being Sunnis, would eventually back the party opposed by the Iranians. The Saudis, Egyptians and other Sunnis would do likewise.

This would start a classic Shiite-Sunni war in Iraq where the Syrians, Saudis, Egyptians would battle the Iranians in a Proxy war.

Stage two of this war would be where Shiite militias would create mayhem in Syria, Egypt Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. While the Sunni militias would do likewise inside Iran. And by then with our marines out of Iraq, we would be spared of the bloodshed. There is already talk of withdrawing to secure bases inside Iraq or withdrawing out of Iraq entirely.

Ahem! We have nothing to say about that, but with the entire Middle East in a violent mess like Iraq is today, can we remain out of the mess for too long? Maybe in this mayhem lies the seeds of pre-emptive action against Iran and ultimately victory in the War on Terror. Maybe the Iraq imbroglio, can be sorted out in our favor with the coming turn of events, which we are trying to add out mite by withdrawing out of Iraq and drawing the Iranians and Syrians into Iraq? Amen!

Musharraf's double talk on A Q Khan and on Pakistani ISI's role in aiding Al Qaeda

The International Crisis Group (ICG), is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation, with nearly 120 staff members on five continents, working through field-based analysis and high-level advocacy to prevent and resolve deadly conflict.

The ICG has in a recent report maintained that Pakistan's military intelligence agency the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) has all along facilitated the activities of the Al Qaeda both inside Pakistan and all across the globe.

Reacting to this, the Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has brusquely rejected claiming that the ISI operates under the control of the Pakistani army and government.

Now here there is a catch to Musharraf's Claim. Either way he is in double-trouble. If in fact the Pakistani army and government does control all that the ISI does, then it means that the ISI has been supporting Al Qaeda under the orders of the Pakistani government and army!

So the US needs to act against Pakistan as it threatned to do so in the aftermath of 9/11 - bomb Pakistan to the Stone Age, as Armitage told Musharraf.

And if what Musharraf says is wrong , and that the ISI is acting alone, it means that the ISI is not under the control of the Pakistani government and army. This is indeed a calamitious situation. And even in this scenario, the US needs to act against the Pakistani government and take steps to destory the ISI as it is an ally of the Al Qaeda.

Which option does Musharraf choose now. He has an option now, as he did in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 to be with the USA or be with the Terrorists. He in fact is already with the terrorists, clandestinely. Now he can be with them openly, or he can defect to the USA, and let Pakistan be tackled by the USA using all means the US deems necessary. Will Musharraf make the right choice now and switch sides by ditching the ISI and Al Qaeda and as he once ditched the Taliban after 9/11, and when will the USA recognize the dangers to itself from this rouge state - Pakistan?

Pakistan's role in A Q Khan's Nuclear Wheeling-dealing

A similar logic holds when Musharraf says that AQ Khan engaged in nuclear wheeling-dealing on his own, without the knowledge of the Govt of Pakistan. If Khan did it without the knowledge of the Govt of Pakistan, then the US needs to take control of the situation as the Pakistanis have no control over Khan’s Nuclear Walmart.

But if Khan did it as part of the strategy of the Pakistani Government, then the situation is far more dangerous, the USA needs to treat Pakistan as an enemy (in classified policy although the declared policy can treat it as a MNNA Major Non-NATO Ally) but we should make up our minds to tackle Pakistan militarily, as soon as Iran is out of the way.

Source: Waronjihad Team


How Hamas and Hizbollah will Demolish the Middle East

• Shiite-Hezbollah led terror attacks on Israel intensify
• Israel invades Lebanon to wipe out the Hezbollah threat
• Saudis distance themselves from Iran backed Shiite Hezbollah
• Israeli attacks cause heavy damage in Lebanon
• But Israel also suffers reverses. In this war Israel faces an unconventional enemy unlike as in the Six Day war and the Yom Kippur war
• UN forces deploy in South Lebanon to ensure the peace, but fail to disarm Hezbollah.
• Hezbollah backed by Iran pays heavy damages to the Shiites in Lebanon who have sufferred property losses during this war
• Hezbollah prepares gathering nuclear tipped missiles for the next round of war with Israel. (We are at this stage now)
• Terrorist attacks originating from South Lebanon intensify in Israel. The UN forces in Lebanon begin to withdraw.
• Israel warns Syria with military action
• Syria threatens Israel with serious consequences.
• Mega nuclear terror attack inside Israel
• Israel declares Syria and Iran to be culpable and launches a swift land and air assault on Syria and Iran
• Syria appeals for Arab military action to save itself
• IDF (Israel Air Force) destroys Iranian nucler sites at Natanz, Bushehr and other underground locations using bunker buster nuclear tipped missiles.
• Iran tries to crash missiles into Israel and Europe
• Internal rebellion breaks out in Iran
• US special forces start operating inside Iran to topple Mullah regime
• Iranian/Hezbollah forces stage terrorist attacks in Israel and in the West
• A full scale civil war starts between the Sunni dominated insurgents and the new Shiite led Iraqi military dominated by the late Al Hakim’s Badr Brigades and aided by the late Al Sadr’s Mahdi Militia
• Iran sends in insurgents to back Shiites
• Saudis, Syrians, Egyptians, Kuwaitis, Palestinians send in insurgents to back Sunnis
• Saudis and Kuwaitis call for US action to stop Iran from intensifying the Iraqi civil war
• Egypt faces a civil war with sections of the Egyptian Military under the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood launch a insurrection against the Mubarak administration.
• Pressurized by Syria and Egypt, Saudi Arabia starts feeble military action against Israel
• Israel overruns Northern Saudi Arabia and Syria in a pincer movement to join up with US forces stationed in Iraq and occupies Damascus.
• US forces enter Syria from Syrian-Iraqi border in the North, join up with Israeli military
• After the conquest of Syria, Israel turns on Egypt to help the pro Mubarak forces and annexes Sinai, crosses Suez Canal and threatens Cairo that is now in the hands of the Muslim brotherhood led Military junta.
• US launches an air blitz of Iran followed by a land invasion and sets up a new regime
• Another spectacular terror attack inside Israel with Dirty Bombs. Suspects traced to Saudi backed insurgents.
• Sunni Terrorists blow off Iraqi parliament, Presidential palace, Prime Minister’s residence
• Terrorists assassinate Ministers, Parliamentarians
• Sunni Terrorists blow off Shiites Mosques at Najaf and Karbala, assassinate Al Hakim, and Moqtada Al Sadr who are important Shiites leaders and clerics.
• Upheaval in the entire Arab world
• Saudi regime overthrown by Wahabis. The new regime enters the war against Israel.
• Sustained IAF (Israel Air Force) nuke strike on Saudi cities, Mecca, Medina, Mena, Jiddah Riyadh, taken off the map.
• Western diplomats and businessmen attacked, kidnapped, beheaded
• Anti-American riots in Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia.
• Musharraf and Yudhyono regimes under tremendous pressure to give up pro-US stance
• Musharraf assassinated by pro-Jihadi elements in Army due to his association with the US. The Jihadis last straw being his helping the Americans in finding Iran's nuke sites as a trade off for letting AQ Khan off the hook. But Mushy's gamble does not pay off, as he loses his job and life.
• Jihadi regime in Pakistan ups hostility with India
• Jihadis succeed in smuggling nuclear devices in the US and exploding them simultaneously
• US army takes over US administration, suspends constitution
• US military regime blockades the UN and declares it persona non-grata
• US enters into emergency war council with Russia and Britain
• The triple alliance starts nuclear bombing military targets across the Islamic world
• Pakistani nukes taken out in first strike
• Pakistan explodes some nuke devices on India
• Indian retaliation wipes off Pakistan off the map – death toll in South Asia is over half a billion
• Widespread Hindu-Muslim riots in India on the lines of the Gujarat riots of 2002. Muslim population decimated, Hindus and Christians also suffer heavy death toll.
• Nuclear campaign launched by the triple alliance intensifies as many cities in the Islamic world are taken off the map to wipe off the air forces.
• Seaports in the Islamic world crippled to decapitate the navies
• Radiation causes second wave of deaths. The toll in secondary deaths more than three billion
• More than half of the fatalities are Muslims.
• Almost the entire population in the Muslim world is decimated.
• China joins war against Islam, wipes off Muslim (Ughir) population in Eastern Turkestan
• Muslims in Europe launch a wave of terror attacks in European capitals
• Conditions in Europe very disturbed in a civil war like situation
• Right wing coups in France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark. The new regimes join the triple alliance
• Widespread anti-Muslim riots in Europe aided by the militaries of those countries and NATO forces
• Domestic military action against Muslims in Europe intensifies as European militaries do combing operations to flush out Muslims
• The post-war Muslim population worldwide now accounts for only one percent of the global population concentrated mostly in Europe
• Military action ends, US, Britain and Russia announce reconstruction plan for the world
• Islam outlawed across the globe
• Residual Muslims worldwide embrace Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism. Judaism
• Humanity enters post-Islamic phase.
This write-up has been compiled based on analysis by Seymour Hersh and information at the following sites; Stratfor.org, Rand.org, Military.com

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