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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Breaking News
1. 14 U.S. Marines Killed Near Syria Border
2. Terrorists Murder American Journalist in Iraq
3. Army Officers Stage Coup in Mauritania
4. Terror-tainted Ahmedinejad is now Iran's President

Israel to withdraw from Sudetenland, Oops, Czechoslovakia to withdraw from Gaza, Oops sorry again Israel to withdraw from Gaza

The similarity is sinister and eerie. Everything fits into the picture. There is an overbearing ideology that asks for its pound of flesh. But this ideology is not Nazism, it is Islam. There are the powerful nations of the world like the US, UK (the EU) and Russia which want a nation to give up land demanded by the overbearing ideology. The nation is not Czechoslovakia,, but it is Israel. There are thugs who have an insatiable lust for swallowing the entire nation which wants to give up land, these thugs are not the Nazi brownshirts, but they are the Jihadis of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Al Qaeda, Abu Hafs al Masri Brigades, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, etc. (The SA, or Sturmabteilung, also called 'Brownshirts', were Nazi thugs in uniform. Sturmabteilung is German for "Storm Division"). The most important piece of the jigsaw is that the nation whose hands are being wringed and twisted is Israel and not Czechoslovakia and the year is 2005 and not 1938. This is the phase of appeasement that we are witnessing. The way we unsuccessfully appeased the nazis, we are appeasing the Jihadis today. This second attempt to appease an overbearing fascist ideology will fail, as did the first attempt in 1938. The only difference will be that the after math of this second appeasement will be far more bloodier that that of the first one. The Second World war will pale into insignificance, as compared to the mind-boggling cataclysmic warfare with the Jihadis that we will witness in the years to come.

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A larger terror plot lies unseen behind the London and Egypt attacks

After London, will the Vatican be the next to be terrorized? The answer lies with Zarqawi.

Zarqawi holds on to Anbar a territory roughly the size of Texas - with a little more than 5,000 men, of whom roughly 1,000 are Saudi and Yemeni zealots, 300 Jordanian and an unknown number of Syrians, Moroccans and Palestinians. His firm grip on Anbar persuaded the al Qaeda hierarchy in Pakistan and Afghanistan that 1,000 men could be expended from other parts of Iraq and diverted to the new terror offensive outside Iraq to Europe, the Arab Middle East and Israel, as seen in the London, Damascus and Sinai attacks.

In a message to his superiors, revealed here for the first time, Zarqawi offered his estimate that after three years of joint combat, Iraqi insurgents ought to be capable of running the guerrilla war against the Americans on their own. He therefore recommended reducing the terror organization's involvement in Iraq to the minimum needed to retain its control and focus on preserving al Qaeda-Iraq's grip on Anbar Province for use as a territorial base and springboard for attacks in other parts of the Middle East and Europe.

These attacks will aim at engulfing additional territories in the region and toppling regimes.

The onset of the new al Qaeda offensive in London, Syria, Jordan and now Egyptian Sinai, indicates that Zarqawi's superiors gave him the go-ahead.

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