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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Breaking News
1. 648 dead, 322 hurt in Iraq as terror rumor sparks a bridge stampede
2. Iraqi officials say 1,000 dead in Worst Sunni Terror attack on Shiite pilgrims
3. Netanyahu Begins Campaign for Israeli PM
4. Gaza: Embryonic state or bound for chaos?
5. U.S. Marines and insurgents locked in stalemate

What we need to change within us to defeat Islamic Terrorism

The feeling of hate for the enemy, makes a Muslim rejoice when any of the enemy falls. That this morbid rejoicing expresses itself in forms like dancing over the corpses of the fallen enemy, ripping out body parts like the heart and liver and displaying them as trophies of victory, is repugnant to us. But this is a common sight in the West Bank as it has been all through Islamic history. We can never do likewise and mark a return to savagery! But then what do we do with the savages that we face today and are attacking us?

We can at least develop a defense mechanism within us that will insulate us from any fellow-feeling for those who want to destroy us and our way of life. There are many leftists amongst us who want to belittle our efforts in fighting the Islamists so as to have their vengeance for the fall of Communism. We need to look upon these as a fifth column and deal with them likewise with military discipline. These apart there are liberals and plain loonies too amongst us who suffer from a "Stockholm Syndrome" on a global scale and weep for those who want to shed our blood. We need to shake such types wide awake with a awareness campaign as well as the possibility of criminal action if they do not mend their ways.

Only when we do this can we reach a state of mind where we have no sneaking sympathy for the enemy and go about the war on terror with military precision where our emotions are measured and used for the objective of destroying our enemy and making ourselves safe.

For a Muslim, any other Muslim is a "brother Muslim", the fellow feeling that they all belong to one Community "Ummah" is overriding. This feeling overrides national, racial, ethnic, cultural, culinary, sartorial differences. It is this fellow feeling that breeds on its flip side, a solid feeling of hatred for all those outside the Muslim Ummah. This is one of the fountainheads of Muslim hatred for the rest.

Again on this count, it would be naive to ask all Western nations who define themselves with pluralism and tolerance of a multi-cultural identity to become unitary to defeat a unitary enemy. We Yanks and Brits cannot see eye to eye on 1776, nor do the French and the Brits on 1815 and their colonial rivalry, nor do the German with other Europeans on 1914-1919 and 1939-1945. But then we need to sink these differences for the time being and unite in a fellow-feeling for one another to outmatch the psychology of the Islamic Ummah. This feeling can at least be limited to military operations against the Islamist enemy. But even for this to happen, the cross-currents of rivalry have to be subsumed beneath the common interests of destroying the Islamic menace to our way of life.

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Islamists seek to organize hackers' jihad in cyberspace

So-called keystroke logs -- which record every letter typed into a computer -- were among the programs offered for download on al- Farooq. The software can be used to learn passwords and log-in information.

Once the program is clandestinely installed on a computer, typically via a virus or an unwitting download, the records of the key strokes are transmitted to the hacker, giving him access to password-protected computer systems.

he would-be Islamist cyber-terrorist, who calls himself "Achrafe," pointed out that organization of large numbers of attackers is a key force multiplier in some forms of Web warfare -- such as denial-of- service attacks in which the target's servers are bombarded with so many requests for information from other parts of the Internet that they effectively are shut down.

The foundation described in detail a "hacker library" maintained on the al-Farooq site, offering special software that can be used to steal passwords; tools and tips on anonymous Web surfing; and programs the site says can destroy or disable a target computer if installed on it.

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