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Thursday, September29. 2005

Breaking News
1. Morrocans storm Spanish border at Ceuta
2. New groups planning London attacks, warns anti-terror chief
3. Sharon-Abbas summit shelved
4. Palestian Terrorist end West bank "Truce" (that never began)
Other News
1. Osama look-alike used to woo Muslim voters
2. Pataki Ousts Freedom Center From Ground Zero!
3. Iranians Mob UK Embassy over IAEA nuclear vote.
4. Egyptian police kill two terror suspects
5. Head of Al Qaeda Unit nabbed in Pakistan
1. "Voice of the Caliphate": Al-Qaeda News
2. Global Jihad It's not all about Israel"
3. Zarqawi family's new found wealth raises Questions

Islam is Peace, Islam is Love, Muslims fight only in Self Defense - The 3 Great Lies of Islam

As can be seen in the photo above Islam is peace, Islam is love

Recently, Adam Gadahn, an American-traitor-turned-Muslim, took to the airwaves to issue a new threat. Gadahn referred to the deaths of 3000 innocent people on 9/11 as a "blessed event." He went on to explain that Islam is "peaceful" but it will only accept peace on "its terms." For anyone who has not yet figured out what those "terms" are, it can be put in a simple way. There is only one "term." That term is not for Americans to leave Iraq or Afghanistan. That term is not for Americans to leave the Middle East or to stop supporting Israel. That one term is: When every human on Earth has converted to Islam, there will be peace on Islam's "terms."

Please note that while telling the world how peace-loving Muslims are, Gadahn talks of massive attacks on civilians living in Los Angles and Melbourne, Australia. He goes on to advise the world, "...this time, don't count on us demonstrating restraint and compassion." Where and when has Islam ever demonstrated restraint or compassion? Islam does not even show compassion for fellow Muslims, why would it show compassion for non-believers?

Sunni Muslims seem to have no qualms about killing fellow Muslims as long as they are Shia Muslims because the Sunnis believe they are superior and represent the true teachings of Islam. Al-Zarqawi, a Sunni Muslim, has announced his plans to kill any Shia Muslim defending democracy in Iraq. There is nothing "peaceful" about mass murder. The basic premise of Islam being a peaceful "religion" is, in fact, a lie. If the basic premise of any belief is based on a lie then that entire belief is a lie. Islam's basic premise is not peace, but subjugation by force.

In an American court, if a witness is caught in one lie, no matter how small, the jury may believe that everything that witness has said is a lie. Islamics repeatedly lie and yet, the gullible continue to believe when Islam professes to be peaceful.

Muslims constantly remind the free world that there are over a billion Muslims in the world. Perhaps Muslims should be reminded that there are over two billion Christians in the world. There are also a billion followers of Hinduism that are not terribly fond of Islam.

The Christian God teaches us that murder is wrong. According to Muslims like al-Zarqawi, "God ordered us to attack the infidels by all means." Bin Laden told ABC News that while the West rejoices in life; Islam rejoices in death. The problem isn't that Islam teaches lies; the problem is that Islam IS the lie. Islam is perhaps the greatest lie ever perpetrated on mankind. As Mr. Sina has said, "Terrorism is not an ideology, it is a tool; but the terrorists kill for an ideology. They call that ideology Islam."

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We need to make Muslim tradition our guide if we intend winning the War on Terror

At the beginning of the Jihad, the Muslim Arabs hounds who set their eyes on Persia (and the rest of the world) wanted not just to conquer land and impose new administrators and taxes, but they wanted to impose a creed on the Persians and make them as bloodthirsty in turn, to attack, other parts of the world. Those who fell victim to the swords of the Jihadis could only save their lives by becoming Muslims, and in turn bloodthirsty themselves. Islam was a curse on humankind from the word go. At the pain of death, Islam spread like wildfire into Persia, making the Persians also into bloodthirsty wolves like the Muslim Arabs.

It was the Persians who a hundred years later were to take this bloodthirsty creed to the Turks and the Turks in turn a few hundred years after that were to attack Byzantine and the Balkans. Today the Persians (Iranians) have faint memories of their pre-Islamic past. The glories of Cyrus and Darius. The student community is becoming increasingly aware of their pre-Islamic past mainly through the website on the Internet, that tell the true story of Iran. And this adds fuel to the restlessness of the young among the Iranian population.

Today, they must realize that the twilight of the Mullahs is the last twilight before the dawn of the post- Islamic Iran. Iranians, need to not only overthrow the Mullah regime, but also discard Islam and return to their pre-Islamic Zoroastrian roots. Here we shall trace the struggle waged by Iran (Persia) against the Arab Hordes who forcibly imposed Islam on the defeated Persians at the pain of death and torture.

Although the Muslims today cannot defeat the West, but by allowing the West to let the initiative slip and by staging dramatic attacks on Western targets like those at Beslan and Madrid recently, the Muslims are living up to their tradition of keeping the initiative in their hands and hitting at their adversaries where they least expect to be hit. The lesson which these first battles between the Persians and Arabs give us today is to keep the initiative in the war on terror completely in the hands of the West and to hit the enemy where it hurts most by nuking Mecca during Hajj. And carrying out large scale attacks during Ramzan and regular attacks to coincide with the Friday noon prayers across the most populous towns in the Islamic crescent.

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