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Wednesday, September28, 2005

Breaking News
1. France foils subway bombing
2. Iraq's 1st female suicide bomber strikes
3. Mexican "FedEx Bandit" turns out to be Iranian
4. Israeli intelligence chief: Al-Qaida in Gaza
5. Iran's Ahmadinejad reacts to disarmament talks
Other News
1. German police target Islamic extremists
2. Assad said to have given Hamas, Jihad green light for terrorism
3. Omar Bakri Muhammad resurfaces
4. Beheading video man sent to jail
1. Pakistani Honor Killing in Denmark
2. Preemptive Hollywood Appeasement of Terrorism
3. The 200 year old Jihad against Britain

Who's victimizing whom in the Middle East?

It is apparently OK for Arabs to deny other Arabs their most basic civil rights. In fact, Arabs are denied their most basic human rights in every Arab country.

It is apparently also OK for Christians to be persecuted in the Middle East by the Muslim majority.

It happens in every Arab country, including the Palestinian Authority. The Christian population is dwindling throughout the Middle East. More than 2 million have fled the region in the last 20 years and many more in the 80 years before that.

Yet, the U.S. State Department, the European Union, the United Nations, the international media and, of course, the Arab oil potentates are all silent on these human-rights abuses.

Meanwhile, in the next two weeks, several thousand Jews, many of whom have lived for a generation in thriving communities, showcases of prosperity and freedom for their neighbors, will be uprooted from their homes and businesses for no other reason than they are Jews.

The so-called "disengagement plan" in Gaza represents an acknowledgement by the "civilized" world that it is all right to turn Jews out of their homes for some "greater good." Only 60 years after the Holocaust, once again, Jews are being forced at gunpoint to move because they are Jews.

Mark my words, it will not end here.

The reason these Jews are being forced out is to make way for a Palestinian state, a new country founded on a precept that no Jews are permitted to live within its borders.

This "disengagement" is an invitation for more expulsions of Jews, more restrictions on Jews, more ethnic cleansing of Jews.

It's time for a reality check: Who's victimizing whom in the Middle East?

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Lest we forget - the Arabs are the first victims of Islam!

The pre-Islamic Quraish (Arabs) tried to correct Mohammed when he was a Mecca, before hegira (Passage actually his escape to Medina), they also tried to stop his madness by trying to assassinate him, and they fought three battles with him at Badr, Uhud and Trench.

They also asked for the King of Persia Kisra (Khushrau Pervez or Chosroes) and the King of Abyssinia to help them to capture Mohammed and end his mad venture. Incidentally, the King of Abyssinia had invaded Arabia some years before Mohammed started Islam, with a view to bringing order to the lawless Bedouin tribes. This invasion took place in what is called by the Arabs - the Year of the Elephant. But in spite of this enmity, the Quraish called the king of Abyssinia to help them to crush Mohammed. He refused to help. While the King of Persia, not realizing the seriousness of the threat, sent in two armed Persian guards in the year 624 to arrest Mohammed . Thus both the kings failed to realize the threat and did not help the pre-Muslim Arabs to end the career of the maniac whose followers were to destroy both Abyssinia and Persia in a few decades after that. This is a lesson for the world leaders of today to realize the threat to all of them in Islam and to unify in a single solid alliance to defeat and destroy Islam once and for all. Are Presidents Putin, Jiang, Chirac, Schroeder, listening?? They need to strengthen President Bush and Prime Minister Blair, or else France, Germany, Russia will, one by one go down to Islam. This is not a threat, this is a lesson of history which Persia, Byzantine, Visigothic Spain, pre-Islamic North Africa of King Gregory, all tell us. All of these kingdoms went down before Islam one by one. History should not repeat itself.

The Quran advocates this poicy of giving offense to an adversary and in fact sanctifies such abominable behavior to a holy(sic) duty for all Muslims by declaring the faith to them and giving them an option of embracing Isloam or being prepared for an attack by Muslims. We need to note that the first battle of Mohammed, the battle of Badr was not defensive as most Muslims would have you believe. Mohammed initiated the fight by waylaying the Quriash caravan. Thus the beginning of the Islamic Jihad was in Mohammed's banditry.

Today if America wants to outdo the Jihadis at their own game it would do well, to emulate this Quranic principle of giving offense to the adversary (today's Jihadis), and then going in to crush them utterly. America needs to realize that the only way of defeating the Jihad is by subjugating one Muslim country after another by taking out a few cities using nukes and neutrons and then giving them an ultimatum of leaving Islam or facing destruction. This is what Mohammed did to the Quraish, to the people of Taif, and this is also what the Muslims did to the Sassanian Persians, Byzantines, Visigoths in Al Andalus (Spain), and many others. It is high time to pay the Muslims with their own coin, and this is the only way to defeat them.

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