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Monday, September 26, 2005

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1. Arab controlled Balkan mafia eager to sell A-bomb materials to Iran
Pakistanis put spin on a toy plane calling it a Al Qaeda Terror spy plane
India waking up to reality finally - dumps old friend Iran for US nuclear carrot
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Bin Laden Hiding In Afghanistan, Says Pakistan Army Official
Islamic Separatists Recruit Christians
Jihadi veteran sentenced in Britain
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No end in sight for the War in Gaza
First Al-Qaeda's 'tv news' via web
Sharon hooted out of Likud Meeting - A turning point
This time it is Moqtada's Shias - Resurgence of violence hits Baghdad

Are Muslims Alienated everywhere as any civilized lifestyle is alien for them?

Why does the presence of a Muslim community across the globe spell doomsday for a peaceful and civilized life, Why does the rest of the world (including some ex-Muslims) look askance at the growing clout of the Muslim clergy over the Ummah i.e. the general Muslim populace in the West. And the resultant growing disturbances that Muslims cause in areas where they live alongside non-Muslims - like London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Burnley, Lyons, Palermo, Kosovo, Macedonia, apart from Egypt (Coptic Christians), Southern Sudan, Ethiopia/Eritrea, Southern Philippines (Mindanao), Indonesia (Malaku), Kashmir (India), Israel, etc.

Muslims in the West cannot bear the idea of their women being free. They want to perpetrate ill-treatment of women. Even in the West their Women are discouraged from pursuing any professional career. Men too are be forced to wear turbans and grow beards through sermons in Mosques in London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Burnley, Paris, Berlin, Lyons.

Even in the West they want their women to not have equal rights in education, free-movement, driving, apparel, and even participation in mass-prayers in the mosques alongside their men-folk, (no doubt the scripture will be quoted to explain this, but this is the reality). The hijab, Chador or burqua (veil and full length gown) for women is still a common feature in Islamic societies.

In the ideal Islamic society of the former Talibanized Afghnaistan adult men are forced to grow a beard and wear the prescribed Islamic dress, they cannot sport normal (Western) hairstyles and even students above the age of three are forced to wear turbans. This is what they want to perpetuate in the West under the grab of protecting their cultural identity.

With this track record is it any surprise that you find Muslims refusing to integrate into any non-Muslim society anywhere across the globe. We are tempted to ask the following questions.

Are Muslims alienated because of the Islamic outlook of Universal hatred due to which they are alien to any civilized way of life?

The Quran asks them not to take Jews and Christians and idolators as friends. Not to love ones father, if he is not a Muslim! With this jaundiced view that Muslims have of the entire non-Muslim the question to be asked is Can Muslims integrate with any non-Muslim society? and Is it worthwhile and sensible to integrate a community that has an explicit aim of uprooting all other communities? or is it sensible to uproot the Muslims from our midst to ensure the rest a sensible and civilized existence?

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Atomic Iran coming nearer!

Will we someday be reading the Atomic 9-11 Commission Report and pointing fingers that the Bush administration failed to gather the intelligence that prevented a nuclear explosion in one of our major cities?

The likelihood is that we will, unless the mullahs are stopped. This is not alarmist fear-mongering. Even if the mainstream media does not want you to hear it, terrorists have discussed and plotted nuclear attacks in an American city for years. It took years to perfect the techniques to hijack airplanes and fly them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Terrorists are patient and Osama bin Laden believes history is on his side.

With the election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as president, the hard- liners in Iran are in full control. Naming the former deputy intelligence minister, Mostafa Pourmohammadi, as interior minister is a clear sign that the brutal suppression of any internal dissent will be intensified in months to come. The hunger strike of Akbar Ganji has continued since June 11, with almost no international attention. Why isn't Akbar Ganji achieving the international fame of a Nelson Mandela, a Andrei Sakharov, or a Vaclav Havel? The answer is simple: The mullahs have over $200 million a day in oil windfall profits and they have bought the best talent money can buy worldwide a legion of lawyers, public-relations consultants, lobbyists, and media consultants are on the mullah payroll, including many here in the United States.

The mullahs mean to press their radical Islamic revolution against the world and they are determined that nuclear weapons are the path to their world historic destiny of success. Who is going to stop them now? Was President Bush's Second Inaugural Address just meaningless rhetoric, or will he really stand with the Iranians who want a free Iran? Right now, the mullahs are winning. They are consolidating their power and moving toward nuclear weapons capability.

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