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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Breaking News
1. A 2nd Fallujah - U.S. Troops Pour Into Haditha a Rebel-Held Iraqi Town
2.Message Claims al-Zarqawi Fled Iraq
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CIA Overseeing 3-Day War Game on Internet
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The Berlin-Baghdad Connection

Hamas, Al Aqsa Brigades, Jihad Islami, are preparing for all out war with Israel as the sham Hudna (peace) nears its end

Palestinian missile, mortar, rocket and shooting attacks on Israeli targets from the Gaza Strip are placing the already leaky partial truce in terminal jeopardy. Instead of dying down, the violence is building up as the August date nears for Sharon's impractical ideas pullout from the Gaza Strip and the northern West Bank. It brings to mind the solemn pledge offered by prime minister Ariel Sharon that the withdrawal would not take place under fire. If the violence persists therefore it will bankrupt the political and security concepts actuating the unilateral withdrawal, or will it?

The Hamas, Al Aqsa Brigades, Jihad Islami, are all working flat out to prepare a fresh terror offensive against Israel, eager to apply the guerilla tactics they are studying in Iraq. They showed their paces and intent in Friday's attempted raid of Kfar Darom. But since he is only days away from his and Abu Mazen's trips to Washington, Sharon has let his hands be tied. Given this situation we can only exclaim: God save Israel!

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Oriana Fallaci to be hauled to court for speaking the truth about Islam

A familiar communist/leftist tactic that is being picked up by the Islamists is to bog down a fearless writer in lawsuits. So that she would not have time enough to write what exposes the Muslims. This is similar to Filibustering to keep the issue under discussion and avoid a decision. We hope Oriana will use this public platform of the trial to clarify why she said what she has said. She can use the material that she already has and that available on the web, that can justify what she has said and the bloodied track record of Islam.

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Saddam Sun Photos - the untold story

In a major policy turnabout, the Bush administration is easing up on some of the jailed ex-Baathists who formed Saddam Hussein's inner circle. This is in line with a fresh US offensive to tempt influential Sunni Muslim leaders to join the new government.

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Ayan Hirsi Ali says "The left is exactly like the Muslims"

In an interview published in last week's issue of the French weekly L'Express she says: "Since the September 11 attacks, I no longer believe in God. In the eyes of the fundamentalists who threaten me, that justifies my being put to death. They accuse me of `insulting' the Prophet, of saying that Islam oppresses women, of `collaborating with the enemy', that's to say, with non-Muslims."

Hirsi Ali's break with Islam has been widely publicized. Perhaps less known is her break with the "left". Originally, a member of the Dutch Labor Party, Hirsi Ali left the latter to join the classical liberal Dutch party the VVD. L'Express asked her why. Here is her response:

Because the left is exactly like the Muslims!

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Exclusive Coverage

Strategy to break the Islamist-Communist Alliance

Logic behind Iran's Mullahs' Desperation to get Nuclear Weapons.

Putin's romance with Palestinians, Iranians and Syrians - Shades of Hitler-Stalin (Ribbentrop-Molotov) Pact of 1939?

Iran's Duplicity in building Nuclear weapons under the cloak of Energy Requirements recalls Hitler's duplicity of building Luftwaffe using Flying Clubs

Vietnam War and the War on Terror - similarities and differences

Islamic Terrorists Murder Students at "Immoral Picnic" Book Review: Atomic Iran - Jerome R. Corsi Security breached at US nuclear power plant


A new and deadly form of Terrorism is Emerging

We are dealing with nihilists and despots who worship a death- cult. They hate modern liberalism and democracy and their ideology is the cousin of fascism and communism. When we faced Stalin and Hitler, the last thing we needed to do was agonize over why they didn't like our societies, lifestyles and systems of government. Neither should we do anything different in confronting the Osamas and Al Zarqawis. More....

Past Editorials

There will come a point when widespread Muslim terror attacks against the U.S. will no longer allow military actions as we have taken in Iraq and Afghanistan and will call for a re- appraisal of our military strategy…… More....

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American Atheists meet
It was a good Friday - with a small "g" - for Lori Lynner, 39, who chatted with another member of the American Atheists group inside the Hyatt Regency at Penn's Landing….


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