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Monday, October 24, 2005

Breaking News
1. UN says Syria Involved in Hariri Slaying
2. In Alexandria, Egypt, a Muslim mob attacked a Christian church
3. Bosnia: jihadist planning suicide attack on a European embassy
4. 'My goal is to kill Ariel Sharon': Palestinian Terror leader says on ABC
Other News
1. Candaian Muslims join the Jihad in Iraq
2. Islamic videos found in false ceiling in Muslim restaurant in Spain
3. Secret Muslim Prayer Rooms at EuroDisney - Islamist influence a growing threat to French business
4. Turkish Support for Honor Killing
5. Kashmir: Burqa-clad jihadist strikes on highway
1. Muslims hopping Mad as Jews destroy Islamic sites
2. Spencer book The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) still "selling copy"

Why do Bush and Blair not call a spade a spade when speaking about Islam?

Why do our President and British Prime Minister Tony Blair repeatedly provide Islam with a fig leaf by saying that Islam is a Religion of Peace and that the terrorists are giving it a bad name by misusing it to justify terror. Is Islam a helpless virgin, whose modesty is being violated by the terrorists, or Islam is synonymous with terror and hate?

The answer lies partly in the fact that our policy-makers want to keep our enemy a divided house till domestic public opinion in the USA and in the West as a whole make for political compulsions to take on the Islamic world in a decisive way, as we did with the Japanese towards the end of World War 2. Nothing short of a dirty nuke or a nuke attack on one of our cities can make this a political compulsion today. This is the unfortunate reality. And the compulsion to keep up with this phony phase of the War against Terror makes it necessary to keep making suitable noises that we are fighting terror, but are not fighting Islam. To begin with during WW2 we did say that the German people were not our enemies, only the Nazi ideology was. But when the war began in earnest after 1943, we made no difference between the Nazis and the lay German population and the carpet bombing Dresden was the result. Neither did we make any distinction between Japan's militaristic rulers and the lay Japanese population when we undertook the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

What made this possible was that public opinion in the West had then made it politically compulsory to do so, while it was always militarily possible sometime before it became politically compulsory to use nukes or undertake carpet bombing. Today it has not yet become politically compulsory to nuke the Islamic world. Till then we need to keep the enemy a divided house. And what better way than trying to pretend that we believe that the enemy practices a Religion of Peace(sic).

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How Iran was lost to Islam

The harassment from the Muslims for Dawa (the spread of Islam) was often also physical; boys fought, and gangs of youth waylaid and bullied individual Zoroastrians. They also diverted themselves by climbing into the local tower of silence and desecrating it, and they might even break into the fire-temple and seek to pollute or extinguish the sacred flame. Those with criminal leanings found too that a religious minority provided tempting opportunities for theft, pilfering from the open fields, and sometimes rape and arson. Those Zoroastrians who resisted all these pressures often preferred therefore in the end to sell out and move to some other place where their co-religionists were still relatively numerous, and they could live at peace; and so another village was lot to the old faith and the hapless people were converted to Islam.

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