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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

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1. Iraqi Sunni Legislators to vote Against Constitution
2. Jordan says Syrian militants behind rocket attack R in Iraq: We Fired Jordan Rockets

Can we Democratize the Middle East if Islam contines to exist?

In the war against terror we need to realize that democracy is only a method, which would be a noble method, only if the people who vote are nobly intentioned. If the people who vote are evil intentioned and support terrorism, then giving them the right to vote leads to evil leaders being elected and legitimized in the name of universal franchise that was exercised thru the one person, one vote principle. Thus the issue to be addressed is not whether people have the right to vote in a free and fair election, but if they have the right temperament and cultural ethos that supports a civilized peace-loving way of life.

The Middle East under Islam does not have this prerequisite for a civilized peace-loving way of life, so whether Muslims are ruled by dictators like Bashar Assad or Hosni Mubarak, or by despotic kings like Fahd or Abdullah, or by Military dictators like Pervez Musharraf, of by elected leaders like the leaders of Hamas or the Shias in Iraq or in Khatami’s Iran, does not make the system civilized just because the leaders have been elected by the people who have exercised universal franchise. Is this point being missed at the White House?

By the way Aslan Maskhadov, the Chechen terrorist leader who was hunted down by the Russians, was also elected by the majority of Chechens. That did not prevent him from murdering school kids at Beslan. Like him, the majority of the people of the Middle East support Terrorism, since their Islamic ethos supports terrorism, as it has been terror that has born and bred Islam since the 7th century when it was founded on terror by the founding father of mass theology-inspired terrorism Mohammed-ibn-Abdallah whom the Muslims look upon as their prophet.

Till we zero down on this root cause of terrorism, no amount of universal franchise and elections can change the beastly Islamic core of the people of the Middle East. What has been achieved is a mirage, that will delude us into believing that Iraq or the West Bank are now safer places since the people of those lands have participated in an election. As long as these people are motivated by the murderous ideology of Islam, nothing changes – elections or no elections. In fact if this murderous mentality has to change, we would need ruthless leaders (like Mustapha Kemal Pasha of Turkey) to rule over the Middle East. Leaders who would uproot this murderous mentality from the minds of people, as was done by Stalin’s Russia with the Chechens and which is what ensured peace in Chechnya, till the freedom which the fall of the USSR, gave the Chechens to go back to their murderous roots and start the current campaign of murder and mayhem. By hunting down Aslan Maskhadov, the Russians have shown us the right way to deal with terrorists, whether they be despots or be they elected by majority support of a population who support terrorism.

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Understanding the enemy to enable us to...destory it Once and Forever

Why is deception a legitimate weapon in the war on terror?

The most important tenet we pick from Islam is Taqqiya (or Taqiya) which means deception. Always keep the Muslims guessing, make false treaties with them, give them false promises, never trust a word they say and attack them when they least expect and in a manner they never would dream about. Only this way can we defeat and destroy this sly and beastly enemy. The track record of Muslim treachery is well documented, we need to learn from that. The treaty of Hudaibiya is one fine example of Muslim treachery.

When fighting Islam, compromise with the enemy if you are weak, but only to regroup and attack him later when you are again strong enough

This is another tenet from the Muslim track record which is enshrined in the Quran which teaches the Muslims to compromise with the enemy if they (Muslims) are weak, but only to regroup and attack him later when they are again strong enough.

So for us to let go off any opportunity of attacking and destroying Muslims when we are strong is suicidal. Whenever the non-Muslims have allowed this to happen and let the Muslim escape and re-group, the Muslims have attacked with redoubled vigor and violence and have destroyed the non-Muslims. This happened in Christian Syria after the battle of Muta in Syria, Persia after the battle of Al Jisr in Iraq (the Bridge). In these battles the Muslims were defeated, but were allowed to retreat safely. They regrouped and re-attacked to utterly defeat both the Byzantines and Persians and convert them to Islam. This is how the people of Syria and Iraq are Muslims today

The aim of the war with Islam is to give the option to the enemy give up their beastly outlook completely and pledge to join us in fighting Islam to its destruction.

An important part of this war is not to limit the victory over the Muslims and allow them to retain their murderous creed of Islam. If this is done, then the Muslims would someday re-attack us with redoubled vigor fuelled by their revengeful mentality. This happened when the Mongols defeated the Muslims in 1258, but did not compel them to leave Islam. The result, the Muslims regrouped and when they got the upper hand compelled the defeated Mongols accept Islam, thus negating all the advantages that the Mongols had by first defeating the Muslims.

This tenet also is derived from the Muslim mentality. Whenever the Muslims defeat any non-Muslims, they do not extend niceties to the defeated party. The Muslim give their victims three choices :

- Embrace Islam,
- Live a life of constant humiliation and hardship under Muslim tyranny as 2nd class citizen (living a life worse than animals)
- Be hacked to death for refusing to embrace Islam and refusing to accept the 2nd class status. The same courtesy needs to be extended to defeated Muslim, if we are to consolidate the gains of our victory over them.

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