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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

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3. Indonesia - Three Christian women jailed for `proselytising'
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Musharraf and Israel - a repeat of Mohammed and the Jewish Tribes of Arabia?

Do we know what motives lie behind those hooded faces, or for that matter behind those of the smiling faces of suave statesman like Musharraf who are reaching out to Israel?

On September 19, 2001, Mr. Musharraf made a televised message to the Pakistani people to explain how his nation would respond to September 11. Referring to "the first six years of the history of Islam," Mr. Musharraf said:

Mohammed himself went from Mecca to Medina to save Islam...when the prophet reached Medina, then he entered a friendship treaty with his enemies, the Jews...because of the peace treaty with Jews, he was able to fight the infidels of Mecca. After six years, the Jews noticed that Islam was becoming stronger. They got very irritated.

After 9/11. Mr. Musharraf then explained why Mohammed was willing to sign a peace agreement with the infidels even if it temporarily made Muslims look weak. On this occasion, a strategic decision is to be taken...if you are facing two problems and you have to choose one, then it is better to take the lesser evil....

Today Musharraf and all Muslims are in a position of relative weakness today vis-a-vis the West, as was Mohammed and his band of followers during the days of the Hegira (flight) to Medina. Mohammed used subterfuge to outwit and finally defeat and destroy all his adversaries one after the other. This is what Musharraf could be trying to do through an unseen determination in his inner-most being. His move to build bridges with Israel and pretence of an alliance with the USA could be a part of this grand strategy. After all Musharraf did invoke the memories of the treay of Hudaibiya immediately after 9/11 when he decided to cast his lot with the USA against the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden!!

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Mohammed's Treaty of Hudaibiyah, Musharraf's Strategic Alliance with the USA

When Mohammed and his band of one thousand followers arrived at Hudaibiya near Mecca after taking an out of the way route, so as to evade being spotted by the Quraish, the Quraish got the shock of their lives. Mohammed the accursed wanting to storm the holiest of hly site of the (pre-Muslim) Arabs, on the pretext of Hajj. They sent an emissary (Urwa ibn Masud, who was the son-in law of Abu Sufyan, the leader of the Quraish) to him, asking him to desist from entering Mecca. This emissary went back and reported to the Quraish that Mohammed and his followers were in a rage and would invade Mecca, if they were not allowed into the town. e reported that they were fanatically committed to him, such that they do not let the water in which he bathes fall on the ground. They collect that water and venerate it. When he cuts his hair they collect his hair and treasure it (in fact strands of Mohammed alleged hair are worshipped - one instance is the Hazratbal Masjid in Indian Administered Kashmir). So the emissary returned to Mecca with these tidings.

Meanwhile Mohammed sent into Mecca for reconnaissance, one of his henchmen named Othman to check the defenses of Mecca. Othman also met the Quraish leaders to negotiate an entry for the Muslims and their gang leader Mohammed into Mecca , but they adopted delaying tactics. When Othman took long to come, a rumor got current in the Muslim camp that Othman had been killed by the Quraish. Thereupon all the Muslims took the pledge that they would fight against the Quraish to seek revenge for the murder of Othman. When the Muslims were poised to take up arms and attack Mecca, Othman returned to the Muslim camp with Suhail ibn Amr, an eminent citizen of Mecca, whom the Quraish sent to negotiate a treaty with the Muslims. This was the Treaty of Hudaibiya.

Here Mohammed 's craftiness comes to the fore. The terms of this treaty included that if any Muslim from the Quraish clan renounced Islam and returned to Mecca, then Mohammed would not hold any grudge against him and not ask for his return, but if any Quraish embraced Islam and went to medina, Mohammed would immediately return him to the Quriash at Mecca. Mohammed told Amr and the Quraish, that he bears no malice towards the Quriash and so he has offered this clause. The Quriash were taken for a ride in this clause, as they also believed that because of this clause no Quriash would embrace Islam, but some of Mohammed 's followers would leave Islam and return to Mecca. Actually this clause was a clever ruse of Mohammed, to infiltrate his spies into Mecca, while not allowing any spies from the Quriash to enter Medina. Over the next two years, many of Mohammed 's followers pretended to leave Islam and came and settled in Mecca, thus preparing for the eventual invasion of Mecca that was to take place in * A.H. (630 C.E.), when on a frivolous pretext, Mohammed abrogated that treaty and invaded Mecca.

The Treaty of Hudaibiya demonstrates in a very telling way, the evil genius that Mohammed was. And this character of his has been filtered down to the last Muslim, who uses it to cheat and trick non-Muslim in every small thing in day-to-day life. Pervez Musharraf the President of Pakistan, referred to this Treaty of Hudaibiya (and to the double-crossing that exists in it), when he announced after 9/11 that he was making a pact with America to fight the Taliban who then ruled Afghanistan and whose guest was that horror of all horrors Osama Bin Laden.

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