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Thursday, September 1, 2005

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1. Russia explosion kills one, wounds five
2. Hate from the grave London Bombers message for the West
3. Israeli-Pakistani handshake stirs Muslim world
4. US, UK investigate implications of 'bomber tape'

Islamo-Marxism - a mongrel breed based on anti-Americanism is our new and most dangerous adversary

There are more than a few ironies in Western Marxism's current suicidal death-clinch with militant Islam. By far the most glaring is that a political movement so profoundly Western (one that, despite its protestations, is itself a historical product of capitalism and liberal democracy, and even more, has its roots in the West's supposedly most enlightened, rational, and progressive thinking) would choose, because of its obsessive anti-Americanism, to side with the most retrograde, nihilistic, indeed fascistic, politico- religious movement of our era, one which abhors every "progressive" value the left claims to uphold.

Leon Trotsky's ice-picked body must be rolling over in its grave Yet another irony is that, within Marxism, it is the Trotskyists that are spearheading the turn to radical Islam. While in recent years Trotskyism has been most infamously (and most mistakenly) linked to neoconservatism, the actual Trotskyites are in fact the most zealous among the Marxists in seeking to unite with the jihadists. It is a massive and ignoble irony -- one that points to the complete moral- ideological collapse of international Trotskyism, even by its own standards -- that a movement founded by the scientific-minded atheist and arch secularist Leon Trotsky, who in the words of Norman Geras, "embodied in his person at once the traces of his Jewish origin and a powerful attachment to the universalist dream of the radical", would today be knowingly aiding and supporting those who murder, torture, and behead to the cry of "Allahu Akbar!"

But if those are some of the most immediately apparent ironies, they are not the cruelest. The cruelest is that in championing the Islamist insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan, today's Western Islamo- Marxists are supporting the very forces that are terrorizing and murdering politically active women, trade unionists, foreign aid workers, and left-wing activists in those countries -- and yet they continue to support those forces in the name of defending… the oppressed! Such "anti-imperialism" by comfortable Western Marxists in Europe and North America would almost be laughable were its consequences not so grisly and nefarious for those in far less safe places.

In another of his famous phrases, Marx once wrote that history repeats itself "the first time as tragedy, the second as farce". But it would seem that Marx got that one wrong too. For if the murder of millions by Stalinist Communism in the 20th century was tragedy, Islamo-Marxism's collusion with radical Islam in the first years of the 21st is more than just farce. It is farce, betrayal, and tragedy all at once -- and the collusion is just beginning. There can be little doubt that winning the global war against radical Islam will entail winning the ideological battle against its Islamo-Marxist allies right here at home in the West.

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The Myth of Muslim Invincibility

The times when adolescent Muslim boys joined the Jihad and overran swathes across different continents leaving behind burning cities and a pile of slaughtered victims are passe.

Muslims and their leaders, especially Osama Bin Laden have fantasized that history is about to repeat itself in the way the terror armies of Islam using foul tactics, horrendous cruelty, mass slaughter, secured victory after victory in those turbulent days!

Today the Jihadis say that the way the early Muslims faced two empires the Persian Sassanian and the Byzantine Roman empires, but both empires fell before the truculent armies of Islam, so will the powers of today fall. They way Persia succumbed in just seventeen years from 634 to 651, the USSR accepted defeat at the hands of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan from 1979 to 1986 – a period of seven years and then the Soviet Union itself collapsed in 1991. But the Byzantine Empire fought on for eight hundred years from 634 to 1453, when Constantinople fell to the Muslims, so will the USA fall to the Muslims, but after a longer struggle.

We need to tell these Muslim fantasizers that the history of the Muslims will resemble that of the Nazis, although on a much larger time frame. The way the Nazis attacked on two fronts simultaneously – Poland and France.

While they overcame Poland in a matter of days, France took a few months to surrender to the Nazis. Then there was a lapse of many years from 1939-40 to 1943-44, when the world united against the Nazis till the Nazis were wiped out to the last man. The fate of the Muslims will be similar to that of the Nazis, but on a far larger scale. Like the early victory of the Nazis over Poland and France, the Muslims defeated both the empires – the Persian Sassanian and the Roman Byzantine in the early part of their Jihad.

After this there was a lapse of many centuries from 1453 to 2001. Now the world is finally uniting against the barbarism of Jihad and these united forces will slowly but surely act to vaporize the Muslim world into radioactive dust, till the last Muslim is wiped out from this planet. This will sound mad to many readers, but when this eventuality happens in the not too distant future, please do recollect that you had read this. The destruction of Islam is certain and that it will be violent is also equally and definitely certain.

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