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Monday, September 19, 2005

Breaking News
1. Suicide Bomber arrested in US says he Was Kidnapped
2. Iran: if you tell us to stop, we'll start again
3. Afghan heroin tied to terror
4. Musharraf links ties with Israel with Palestinian state
5. Germany weighs next move after cliffhanger election result
6. Iran Readying for Conflict With US
7. Palestinian Terrorists Pour Tens of Millions into a New Arms Stockpile
8. Indian tennis Star faces Islamist threat over outfit
9. Al-Jazeera reporter held in Spain
10. Hamas street power on full display
11. Sharon promises no cooperation in Hamas election
12. Burger King Chickens out recalls ‘sacrilegious’ desserts with Allah patterned logo
13. Bangladesh police seize explosives from group linked to wave of blasts
14. Former Hostages ID Ahmadinejad
15. Did Assad threaten Hariri?

How do we defeat a Failed Civilization which on its filp side is a Successful Barbarism?

Teaching the message of murder starts early in life for Muslims.

Islam being a failed civilization, what should the United States stop doing, and start doing, to win this terror war?

We need to knock off the bluster and fight like we mean it. To a disheartening degree, the War on Terror has been a war of (ineptly chosen) words. Look, this is a death struggle, a strategic knife fight to the bone. I wish our civilian leaders would stop beating their chests and saying that we're going to get this terrorists or that one--because when we fail to make good on our promises, the terrorists wins by default. More deeds, fewer words.

Above all, we need to think clearly, to cast off the last century's campus-born excuses for the Islamic world of the Middle East. We need to be honest about the threat, in all its dimensions. "Public diplomacy" isn't going to convert the terrorists who were recruited and developed while we looked away from the problem for thirty years. In the end, only deeds convince. And not just military deeds, of course, although those remain indispensable.

Most Americans still do not realize the intensity or the dimensions of the struggle with Islamist terror. Despite 9-11, they just don't have a sense that we're at war. And I'm afraid I have to fault the Bush administration on that count: Good Lord, we're at war with the most implacable enemies we've ever faced (men who regard death as a promotion), and what was our president's priority this year? The reform of Social Security. While I continue to support the administration's overall intent and efforts in Iraq and around the world, I believe the president has failed us badly by not driving home to the people that we're at war.

The Bush administration has done great and necessary things--but all too often they've done those things badly. And only the valor and blood of our troops has redeemed the situation, time after time, from Fallujah to the struggles of the future.

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With Islam, where the Romans and Persians failed in the past, today the Americans and Russians..and British, French, Germans, Spanish, will have to succeed

In spite of a decisive victory at the Battle of Muta, the Romans did not push on against the Muslims into Arabia and destroy Mohammed and his band of bandits utterly. This was the cardinal folly of the Romans, a folly that was to be committed by many conventional thinking adversaries of the Muslims. But the Muslims were far from being a conventional enemy. They were schizophrenic savages, over whom victory could be guaranteed, only after all of them had been hacked to death. This is exactly what the Muslim did to all their adversaries. The cardinal folly of the Romans after their victory at Muta was repeated by the Zoroastrian Persians after their victory over the Muslims at the Battle of the Bridge (Al Jisr) and by the Hindus after the Battle of Tarain. The Muslims came back to defeat all of them, causing suffering death and destruction.

The Persians and the Byzantines (Romans) also did not have the vision and foresight to realize the kind of mortal threat both of them faced in the Muslims. They did not unite nor did they help out each other against the Muslims and went down fighting individually against the Muslim menace. Had they realized the kind of threat that Islam represented and had they paid heed to the repeated appeals by the pre- Muslim Quraish to the kings of Abyssinia, Persia and Byzantium to destroy Mohammed and his band of savage killers, the history of the world would have been far less bloody and our generation would not have had to battle with one billion humans who are today imprisoned in the murderous Muslim creed.

It was only the later Christians who gave a fitting reply to the Muslim at Poitiers in 732 and at Vienna in 1683. But that was too late to destroy the Muslim threat to civilization, a task that yet remains to be done and will hopefully be done by the American led Western alliance in the near future before the cause of civilization is totally lost. We hope the Americans, Russians, Germans, French, Spanish, Chinese, Indians, British all realize the gravity and seriousness of the Muslim threat to civilization and they sink their differences to come together in this mortal combat of civilization with Islam.

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