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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Breaking News

1. Murder of Sunnis by Shias, shakes hopes of early Iraq Constitution
2. Baghdad hospital doctors on strike against soldiers
3. Pakistan detains 25 in London bomb probe raids

Bush hosts an interesting guest - Manmohan Singh of India. Both he and Bush recognize that there has to be zero tolerance of terrorism across the globe.

His Excellency Mr. Manmohan Singh is on a state visit to Washington, he has addressed a joint session of Congress - a rare honor granted by the US to a visiting head of state. The US has recognized India as nuke weapon power and has agreed to provide fuel for the Tarapore Atomic Power plant. Washington has also agreed to cooperate with India in the field of civilian nuclear energy. Apart from the trivialities of body language like His Excellency President George Bush patting Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the back when receiving him at the White House. So overall things are moving in the right direction in Indo-US relations. No pun intended on the term 'right'

The USA is the savior of the future of Human civilization

In this context we can confidently state here that in the oncoming conflict between theology-inspired terrorism and the rest of human civilization, the United States of America is going to play a pivotal role of being the savior of Human civilization from becoming extinct in face of the mortal challenge to it from theology- inspired terrorism. In this scenario the sensible thing for all nations to do, is to forget the Cold War mindset and join hands with the USA to jointly fight for saving human civilization. The need to do this is already being felt in different parts of the world.

The opposition of the Russians to the USA going ahead alone with a national missile defense shield and their stressing on a pan-European shield is a seminal indicator of the need for co-ordination to fight a common enemy. This need for a co-ordinated effort is being felt by statesmen in different capitals of the world like Washington, Moscow, London, Jerusalem, New Delhi, etc. A similar need will increasingly be felt in more countries in the coming months and years.

Destruction of the WTC, London, Bali, Jerusalem, Madrid and other acts of terror

Events like these and the now forgotten destruction of the Buddhist heritage by the Taliban would serve to articulate this unitary element in the foreign policies of countries as diverse as USA, Japan, Ukraine, India, Thailand, UK, the Russian Federation, etc. Whatever the differences in the past; the future foreign policy of different countries in the globe would center around overcoming the challenge posed by theology-inspired terrorism to world peace. In this context, India should have a realistic assessment of the geo- political situation and not miss the bus again as it had done so earlier due to the Nehruvian mindset. It is imperative that this time, India is on the right side of the emerging global divide and the impending conflagration between theology-inspired terrorism and human civilization

An Indo-American alliance in the future global scenario, is critically necessary from this perspective. Both, the Bush and Manmohan Singh administrations realize this and hence should work further in this direction.

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"We shall prevail and they shall not," "Terrorism represents an evil ideology"- Tony Blair

Not all Muslims are active and practising terrorists. But so what, the fact is that the Islamic terrorists hide among the Muslims, who in turn either protect them or are sympathetic to their cause. Islamic community is the breeding ground of Islamic terrorism. We can't find the terrorists to eliminate them before they strike, but we can eliminate their breading ground.

Leaving the summit of G-8 behind and returning to London , Mr. Blair said he knew most Muslims worldwide "deplore this act of terrorism."

This could be true. But what good it makes when they support the ideology of terrorism at the same time? These Muslims who deplore acts of terrorism must ask themselves why they support Islam that advocates terrorism. There is an inconsistency between what they profess (their faith) and what they proclaim (their word).

More terrorist attacks will occur. More people will die and if we do nothing, Islamic terrorists will eventually win. Islam has won through terrorism ever since it began. Islam may not win to become the world religion, but it will win burning the world into ashes and for Islam that would be a victory.

There is only one way to fight Islamic terrorism and that is to fight Islam itself. Islam IS terrorism. All we have to do is read the Quran and familiarize ourselves with the life of its author to see this fact. In the Quran, the incitement to kill and to instill terror is spelled out in clear language in hundreds of verses.

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