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Friday, August 19, 2005

Breaking News
1. Rockets fired at U.S. Navy ship in Jordan
2. Gaza settlement silent as a grave after withdrawal
3. German court convicts suspect in 9/11 retrial

Pakistan's Dr. X gave al- Qaida Islamic bomb Khan armed bin Laden for his 'American Hiroshima' plan

After days of interrogation coupled with severe sleep deprivation, Khalid Mohammad told U.S. intelligence officials that the chain of command for the "American Hiroshima" answered directly to bin Laden, al-Zawahiri, and a mysterious scientist whom he, at first, referred to as "Dr. X," but later identified as Dr. A.Q. Khan of Pakistan.

Tim Burger and Tim McGirk in the May 12, 2003, edition of Time managed to confirm that at least one meeting between Dr. Khan and bin Laden occurred within a safe house in Kabul.

The Real Dr. Strangelove

Dr. A.Q. Khan spearheaded Pakistan's effort to build nuclear weapons to stabilize the perceived nuclear threat from India. Five atomic bombs, developed by Khan, were successfully detonated beneath the scorched hills of the Baluchistan desert in 1998.

Khan, who went on to work on the successful firings of the nuclear- capable Ghaudi I and II missiles, remains a revered figure in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where his birthday is celebrated in mosques.

After gaining a place for Pakistan within the elite nuclear club of nations along with the United States, Russia, China, Great Britain, France, India and Israel, Khan proceeded to sell his centrifuge technology for the enrichment of uranium and his designs for atomic weapons to such countries as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Sudan, and such rogue nations as North Korea, Iran, and Libya. Abundant evidence exists that the list of Khan's customers should be expanded to include Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Algeria, Kuwait, Myanmar, and Abu Dubai.

More information was squeezed out of Khalid Mohammad in subsequent months, including accounts of continuous visits by bin Laden and company to the A.Q. Khan Research Laboratories in Pakistan, where they gained the assistance of such renowned nuclear physicists, including Dr. Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood, chairman of Pakistan's Atomic Energy Commission.

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The Myths that there are "Moderate Muslims" and that an allah helps them in warfare

Muslims boast that their religion appealed to new converts since it was austere and simple. His is touted as a plus point with Islam. But Islam austerity lies in its origins in the barren environs of the Arabian desert. Where not a blade of grass could grow, how could humans who lived in that environment be expected to be ostentatious? They had to be simple and austere as dictated by the environment. People from such an environment were hardy and ready to face hardship and when they had the fortune of being organized, into a military force, and who had nothing much to lose if they died in warfare, they could easily throw themselves into the battlefield wanting to die, since they had n much to live for. Herein lies the Muslim psyche of fighting to death and seeking death and loving and romanticizing death and martyrdom, since they had nothing to live for anyway in their barren lifeless and featureless desert. This psychology remained, even after the environment changes. Even after they conquered the rich empires of the Sassanians and the Byzantines, they still were seeking death in warfare, that made hem desperate and deadly enemies who could win in battles against the refined Persians and Byzantines. Only the hardy Franks under Charles Martel could outmatch the death-seeking paranoia of the beastly Muslims and defeat them at Poitiers (Tours).

A Muslim is always a Muslim first and last. Never take Muslims for your friends, never ever trust them, never make peace with them, and always strive for their destruction. A Muslim would always remain a beast inside his external polished demeanor and appearance. Given a chance he will slice your throat, if you do not accept Islam. Any Muslim who refuses to do this would be deemed a traitor, a Murtad (Apostate) by other Muslims and be done to death. So no Muslim will dare to step out of line. Yes there could be many Muslims who think in their heart of hearts that Islam is savage. But they will never say that openly. We would deem such Muslims as ex- Muslims. There are Muslims, ex-Muslims and non-Muslims. There are no moderate Muslims. A Moderate Muslim is like a lady ebing partially pregnant. This is fiction, either you are pregnant or you are not. So you are either a Muslim (and a follower of theat barbaric Quran) or you are an ex-Muslim. You cannot be both a Muslim and civilized, you cannot be a Muslim and moderate. This is a contradiction in terms. You are either civilized moderate or you are a Muslim. Have your choice!

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