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Friday, November 18, 2005

Breaking News
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2. Militant suspects celebrated Berg murder
3. Thug Ahmadinejad Continues Purging "Moderates"
4. Ayaan Hirsi Ali Won't Back Down
5. Family of nine massacred by rebels
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2. Jurors in Al-Arian terrorism-conspiracy trial break until Monday
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4. Human chain vow from Islamic militiamen
5. Iraq: 60 killed in suicide blasts on mosques and hotel
1. When the Student Becomes the Master - Zarqawi overtakes the Dead(?) Bin Laden in organizing Terror
2. The esoteric world of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

“We should bring our troops Home to achieve our Iraq Policy goals” - A Republican Neocon view

Although no one stated it, immediately after 9/11, we went after Sunni regimes first the Taliban in Afghanistan and then the Sunni regime of Saddam Hussein. The Shiite substratum of our stratagem was not visible initially as our allies against the Pasthoon dominated Tailban were the mainly Sunni Tajik Northern Alliance. The division there was ethnic Tajiks against Pasthoons, both being Sunnis. But the Iranians gave their tacit support to our action against this Sunni Taliban regime. This was the first victory for the Shiite substratum of our stratagem.

Then came the ratcheting up of the WMD case against Saddam, while then being silent about the Iranian nuclear program. The Iraqi WMDs were their alright and made their way into Syria. But Saddam’s progress towards weaponizing WMDs was far less than that of the Iranian Mullahs even in 2003 or for that matter in 2001. Then why did we not take on the Shiite Iranian Mullahs first?

Victory against any enemy is easy if we divide the enemy

Our answer – victory against any enemy is easy if we divide the enemy. And easier so, if we back the weaker enemy faction against the stronger. The unseen part of the Shiite substratum of our stratagem in the War on Terror was and is precisely this! In the Muslim world the Shiites are the weaker underdog as against the Sunni – although both the Shiites and Sunnis are equally murderous. And our strategy is to pt one band of murderers against the other.

This startegy has paid off and the Middle East is getting ripe for a bloodied Sunni-Shiite civil war, so it is high time for us to “cut up and run”. We have cut up the unity of the Sunnis and Shiites in the Middle East, and the fireworks are about to cross the critical mass into a full blown regional Shiite-Sunni civil war - we should not be caught up in this cross fire. This is the right time to withdraw to our aircraft carriers in the Gulf, and to our bases in the region and limit our operations to Aerial bombardment of Sunni cities in Iraq on behalf of the Iraqi Shiites and later the Nuclear facilities in Iran on the request of our Saudi “allies”. But before that we need to be out of the crossfire. We rest our case - We should bring our troops Home to achieve our Iraq Policy goals.

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We are dealing with nihilists and despots who worship a death- cult. They hate modern liberalism and democracy and their ideology is the cousin of fascism and communism. When we faced Stalin and Hitler, the last thing we needed to do was agonize over why they didn't like our societies, lifestyles and systems of government. Neither should we do anything different in confronting the Osamas and Al Zarqawis. More....

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