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Thursday, August 18, 2005

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1. Israeli troops storm Gaza Strip synagogue
2. In Gaza, protests and tears
3. Troops forcibly removing residents from home and sending them on a new Exodus

How Iraq can take the entire Middle East into a vortex of Islamic insurgency

In Iraq, today there are three possibilities:

- an Iraq convulsed by violence for years to come;
- a Shiite-dominated Iraq; or
- an Iraq that fragments.

The first possibility could unleash Islamist forces in Saudi Arabia (and also in the Gulf countries, Yemen, Egypt, Libya), inviting greater American involvement for stabilizing the Saudi regime with limited intervention in Egypt and elsewhere.

The second possibility of a Shiite-dominated Iraq, would strengthen Iran, inviting an American pre-emptive strike on Iran after the American Presidential elections leading to further convulsions in the wider Islamic world, especially in Pakistan.

The third possibility of an Iraq that fragments, is equally perilous, since it would destabilize Turkey. The increasing upheaval we see today makes it increasingly necessary to contemplate all the three possibilities; all of which translate to one eventuality – a Middle East in ferment.And to be buried in this chaos will be the rubble of our blueprint for a democratic Iraq that was to transforms the Middle East's landscape into a benign zone of Jeffersonian democracy.

What we see in Iraq today is:

Terrorists assassinating Ministers, Parliamentarians and the beginings of a full scale civil war between the Sunni dominated insurgents and the new Shia and Kurd Iraqi military
What we may see tomorrow could involve" Iran sending in insurgents to back Shias
Saudis, Syrians, Egyptians, Kuwaitis, Palestinians sending in insurgents to back Sunnis
Saudis and Kuwaitis calling for US action to stop Iran from intensifying the Iraqi civil war
US seizing the opportunity and bombs Iranian nuke facilities....

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Can the US Military take over the conduct of the War from the US administration after a nuke attck on the homeland?

It is suicidal for us to feel apologetic about the mistreatment of Jihadi prisoners. Some readers may say that after all the prisoners at Guantanamo are civilians as they are not members of any formal military. We need only to remember that during World War 2, we had to bracket ordinary Germans with the Nazis and treat them likewise, as we did during the carpet bombing of Dresden. We also need to be relentless in waging an ideological war by condemning the Quran outright as we condemned the Mein Kamph. The Mein Kamph was followed by a few hundred thousand Nazis, but the Quran with all its murderous injunctions is not just followed, but is held sacrosanct and inviolable by a billion and a half Muslims. We need to be bold to condemn the Quran rather than parroting the foolish and self- deceiving broken record that “Islam is a religion of peace”.

The Bush administration has been singularly pusillanimous, (with the possible exception of Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney), in displaying iron resolve in fighting the War on Terror. Every sign of weakness on part of President Bush and Colin Powell, emboldens the Jihadis. We are not serving our cause, by being so abysmally apologetic with the events at Guantanamo. Rather, when the Guantanamo photos were released, we should have said that we shall spare no means to break the “will to kill” of our enemies. This would have earned us the respect of our allies and the fear of our enemies.

We are sure that the powers that be in the armed forces of Western countries are watching the failure of the democratic system in saving Western civilization from the Jihadi threat.

We know that General Tommy Franks, the liberator of Iraq and Afghanistan, had said that a WMD attack anywhere in the West, could lead to the American Constitution being suspended and the militarization of the USA. We guess and hope that other minds in the Royal (British) Armed Forces, the French, German, Spanish and other Western militaries are also thinking on these lines, to save the civilization which they are honor bound to defend from the mortal threat that it faces today from the Jihadis. It increasingly appears that the only savoir of Western societies are Western Militaries. And Western militaries can operate unhindered, only if the slow moving democratic form of government is temporarily suspended in favor of a military command driven form of administration.

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