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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Breaking News
1.Israel Today - A Democracy Killing itself
2.Clashes Erupt in Gaza Strip, 50 Arrested
3. Israel to bar Palestinians from Gaza settlements for month

Sunni Insurgency in Iraq - The unseen Iranian Shiite Connection

Inspite of the increasing finds of Weapons of Iranian markings in terrorist attacks in Iraq many of us fail to see the undercurrents to the increasing disturbances in Iraq. Which nation would stand to gain if Iraq remains destablized? Which nation benefits if our liberation of Iraq fails to produce a stable democracy? Obviously Iran (and Syria). While Syria is a straight suspect in supporting the smaller Ba'athist element of the Iraqi insurgency, Iran's role is more murkier and hard to establish. The Mullahs of Iran knew quite well all along that after Iraq's liberation, it would be Iran's turn - sooner or later. Now with Iraq having had its first general election, with the second one coming up soon and the Constitution being on the drawing board, Iraq could through it convulsions become a democracy of sorts, if not in the Jeffersonian sense! This makes Iranian Mullohcracy very vulnerable. The Iranian desperation is reflected in the Iranian Mullah Administration's having managed to rig the recent elections to put their man Ahmedinejad in the President's office.

The Mullahs know their time is running out. Hence while they openly reach out to the Shiite-led Iraqi administration, welcoming the Iraqi Prime Minister in Tehran, but secretly they supply arms and ammunition to the Sunni insurgency, not directly but through their Syrian intermediaries. The Iranian desperation is further evidenced in their restarting uranium enrichment, brushing aside the efforts of the European appeasers to mollify and cuddle the abrasive Mullahs. Due to their breaking of the seals and the begnning of enrichment at the Isfahan nuclear facility, the Iranian case will soon be referred to the UN. And with Bolton as the outspoken American representative at the UN, we can rest assured that the logical build-up to the military option would be a matter of months. To add to the Mullah's discomfiture, President Bush has made it clear enough that all options are on the table and the military option is not ruled out.

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General Musharraf - Friend or Foe?

Many of us who are applauding President Musharraf today for cracking down on terrorists have missed the fine print in his speeches where he has said; "Pakistan Islam ka Killa Hai." "Pakistan is the bastion of Islam." And "Agar Islam koh Mazboot banana hai, toh hame Pakistan koh mazboot banana chahiye." "If we want to strengthen Islam, then we will have to strengthen Pakistan." "Gaye kuch saalon mein hamene, zyada Musalmaanon koh Kafir banaya hian, aur kam Kafiron koh Musalmaan." "In the last few years we have converted more Muslims into Kafirs (non-Muslims) and less Kafirs into Muslims." All these phrases are extracted from the President's address. The entire International media has missed the impact of these statements that are hidden in a mass of messages that otherwise seem to be calling for a Muslim Reformation.

But we can ignore the implications of these thoughts of President Musharraf only at our peril. Had President Bush said that "America is the bastion of Christianity." And "If we want to strengthen Christianity, then we ought to strengthen America." And further that "In the last few years we have converted more Christians into pagans and less pagans into Christians." If President had said something like this in an address to the American nation, then how would the global media would have reacted. Their reaction to his singular use of the word "Crusade" is one example of the kind of reaction we could have expected. Even a more direct statement by the Italian Prime Minister that Christian civilization is superior to the Islamic one drew sharp retorts from the media. Then how is it that the media is totally silent now?

And is it that President Musharraf wants to strengthen Islam in due course? This is what Osama Bin Laden also wants! What has been the track record of Islam in the last 14 centuries and what could be the implication of strengthening Islam for the future? Why does President Musharraf have to refer to non-Muslims using the derogatory term "Kafir" (Infidel)? And does he want more non-Muslims to be converted to being Muslims? Why does he look upon Pakistan to be bastion of Islam and why does he want to strengthen Islam by strengthening Pakistan? All this is very disturbing for the future, if President Musharraf is allowed to realize his dream, since it does not seem far removed from Osama's world view! The hidden message in President Musharraf 's speech deserves to be taken note of.

He also compared Pakistan's alliance with America as similar to the Treaty of Hudaibiya signed by the prophet of Islam with the non-Muslim Arabs, whom he was to trick later with the terms of the treaty. This also gives us a telling insight into the mind of "His Excellency" General President Pervez Musharraf as to the deception (Taqqiya) he has so far successfully employed against us.

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