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Saturday, April 16, 2005

CAIR founder a Terrorist

What makes Muslims a criminal community? A study of the Quran is enough to answer this question. This is what I read in the Quran In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful (sic)

"Do not take the Jews and Christians for friends" (Surah 5:51)

"..fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you harshness"

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Musharraf's desperation to grab Kashmir is explained by his instinct to survive the Jihadi bullet and live to strike a deal with us Americans later

Musharraf is handling two adversaries : The Jihadis and we Americans. The question is which one of them gets him first. And before than happens, he wants to settle Kashmir in his favor, to pose as a Ghazi who has conned Kafir India to buy a lease of life with the Jihadis to survive till the Americans come in to wipe off the Jihadis from Pakistan, after eliminating them from Iran. Musharraf wants to survive the Jihadi bullet and last out till he could cut a deal with us Americans when the American action against Pakistan begins and survive as the long term ruler of Pakistan.

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Islamic Shariah says; "A woman is guilty of inviting Rape"!

So the point is that Islam Says - A woman who is raped is guilty of inviting rape! This is not limited to Islam's one victims - women, but is extended to its main victim - the non-Muslims (Kafirs) too. We don't realize this but according to the Quran, Kafirs are a provocation to Muslims by their very existence. The fact that non-Muslims exist, is enough reason for Muslims to attack them. The mere fact that non-Muslims worship a god, different from the Muslim allah (yimach Shmo) is good reason enough for the Muslims to victimize them till they accept Islam.

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Congress passes Iran Liberation Bill as Mullahs prepare to resist the Peoples will

The Iran Freedom Support Act declares it should be U.S. policy to support human rights and pro-democracy forces in the United States and abroad opposing what it calls the non-democratic government of Iran.

(An Iranian Basij terrorist - gearing up against what must inevitably come the liberation of Iran with the support of American Arms.

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France in Danger from Chirac's policy of appeasement

Guess who’s pushing the European Union to allow the Iranian mullahs to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons? Chirac pushes EU to drop hard line on Iran. It is Le Miserable Francias Jacques Chirac As long as Chirac is at the helm, the obstructionist French attitude will continue to prevail in the future. The Europeans did the same dithering when tackling Hitler. Not just the Jihadi terrorists wanting to acquire nukes, but Chirac too has to be stopped in his tracks.

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Islamic Terrorists Murder Students at "Immoral Picnic" Book Review: Atomic Iran - Jerome R. Corsi Security breached at US nuclear power plant


There will come a point when widespread Muslim terror attacks against the U.S. will no longer allow military actions as we have taken in Iraq and Afghanistan and will call for a re-appraisal of our military strategy…… More....

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