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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Breaking News
1.Base Plan Would Alter Military Landscape
2. Witness: 500 plus Dead in Uzbek Uprising
3.Suicide Bomber kills three in Iraq, many injured
4. Both sides predict win in filibuster fight

Pakistan and China to jointly manufacture JF-17 fighter aircraft

China and Pakistan are planning to produce at least 400 of the JF-17 fighters, with half made on assembly lines in each country. JF-17 is a replacement for the F-16s which the US has promised to deliver to Pakistan. What is surprising is that Pakistan's decision comes only two months after the United States offered to sell F-16 fighter aircraft to Pakistan. This is an indicator that Pakistanis do not trust us, and so want to hedge their bets on China too for their fighter aircraft. It also reflects that Pakistan is an untrustworthy ally at best, like Saudi Arabia, and we shall have to call it quits with both of them, when the time comes.

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Arabs still want to destroy Israel....and if possible also the USA, UK, Russia, China, India and the rest of the non-Muslim world. Can we allow them to start with destroying Israel?

Today May 15, is observed by the Palestinians as Nakba (Calamity/Catastrophe) Day. Their Calamity/Catastrophe(sic) is the founding of a homeland for the Jews in 1948 on the land from where the forefathers of the Jews had been forcibly deported two thousand years ago after the destruction by the Romans, of the Second Temple (on the ruins of which today stands the Dome of the Rock). Why can't the Palestinians realize that the Jews deserve a homeland for themselves? The answer is because the Palestinians as all other Muslims want the whole world for themselves, where there is no space for non-Muslims, and where there are no non-Muslims.

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Of Patriots and Traitors

This certificate is for our Fallen Marines - We value the sacrifice of our marines in Normandy, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and elsewhere, because of whom we can stay safe in our Homeland. But then there are Black Sheep everywhere like those Marines who refused to obey orders to open fire at an enemy who shares the mindset of those who attacked us on 9/11 causing the deaths of 3000 Americans and others in Manhattan and Pentagon. They sought an honorable discharge as conscientious dissenters. But if these dissenters have any conscience left in them, they should at least chuck off the greenbacks they made as marines down the Horseshoe Falls before they cross the border into Canada!

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Pakistan breaks up ladies sporting event at Lahore

Asma Jehangir, the human rights activist from Pakistan today organized a tournament of cross country running in Pakistan. This innocuous event led to her being bashed up by Islamists helped by the Pakistan Police. This event was to protest the disruption of a similar event some days back by Islamists in Pakistan. Looks like our ally in the War on Terror, and MNNA (Major Non-NATO Ally) does not respect the most basic human rights of ladies to participate in a sporting event!

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Ideas to break the Islamist-Communist alliance

The Brazila Summit where the Latin American Communist regimes worked out an anti-American agenda with the Islamist regimes. To break this alliance, we need to help in spreading Communistic atheistic propaganda amongst the rigidly religious populations of the Muslim world and spreading Islamist propaganda amongst the predominantly Catholic populace of Latam. This could build revulsion among the populace of both the Communistic and Islamist blocs against each other outlooks. We should also reach out to the Catholic populace of Latin America and revive their memories of Christian sufferings in Spain and Portugal under Muslim rule. If we succeed in breaking the emerging evil alliance, we would have well begun our battle with Islam, and what is well begun is half done.

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Facts behind the Muslim March against Terrorism

There are some strange things about the Muslim March against Terrorism. In the first place, there are a large number of non-Muslim groups among the endorsers of the March: the Objectivist Center; the U.S. Egyptian Copts Association; the Institute on Religion and Public Policy;; American Family Coalition of Virginia; Government of Free Vietnam; Canadian Israeli Students Association at the University of Calgary; Fairfax Area Young Republicans, etc. Is the Muslim march for Peace organized to pull wool over our eyes and to lull us into trusting them.

In the 1400 years of Muslim interaction with Christians, the Muslims have practised such deception all through.

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