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Monday, August 15, 2005

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1. Iranian leader picks hardliners to aggravate nuclear standoff
2. Hamas chiefs insist attacks on Israel to go on after Gaza pullout
3. Israel Sets Up Roadblocks As Pullout Nears

Iraq is just a battle in a long epochal war

Roman Legions lived and died in places they hated for over 400 years (1200 years for Roman Byzantium). America and Allies enter but the third year of war in Iraq. The Romans won battles and lost whole legions, but as long as Rome was willing to send reinforcements, Rome crushed any contender like the siege of Masada to send a message. Afghanistan (OEF) and Iraq (OIF) told enemies how far and how much the U.S. would do to defeat a threat.

Like Rome, ambitious immigrants are drawn to our power and wealth while everyone else in the known world will hate, fear, resent, and envy us regardless of how we use our power and wealth. The purpose of our power is to create 'security and stability' within real limits in the world order. Such is the odd lot of the reluctant Imperial Uber-Super Power of insular Americans.

Likewise, the small, hard professional army, our U.S. Army, fought battle after battle, called wars, through the later half of the Indian Wars (1608-1890). The culture of each Indian tribe shaped the circumstances of each unique war. Similarly, the transforming Army that evolves after deployment upon deployment will be different from the popular, citizen soldiers of the occasional large conflict.

Rome's decline from Republic to dictatorship to ruin began when Roman law became what men said it meant. When Rome wouldn't man its own Legions, the long decline tipped. Rome had the means, but lacked the Will to survive.

The Indian Wars were a different war of National survival, because the no-quarter clash of cultures was confined to the frontier. The understanding of the wars changed with each mile and year an American was removed from the threat of being killed by Indians.

Winning in Iraq means it isn't an Islamist base and is relatively secure and stable, non-threatening, among its neighbors. If Iraq produces oil, then all the better.

The Iraq War, however and whenever it is defined as a win or loss, is worth it, if it helps, through victory or defeat, the U.S. win WW IV. We lost the Vietnam War, but won the Cold War (WW III) in part because President Reagan learned from the loss.

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How Democrats try to sabotage the war on terror

Now as mainstream America gravitates away from the liberal media, and towards alternative sources of news and analysis like the blogosphere, liberal Democrats ironincally feel that if they are to have any hope of retaining the loyalty of their "base," they must continue to fan the flames of radicalism that brought them political dominance during the 1960's and thereafter.

So, to this day, the same mantras, the same name-calling, and the same denials of reality are regularly invoked as the core of Deomcratic political strategy in the USA (as is leftist strategy across the globe).

Furthermore, it should not be assumed that individuals like Begala only represent the extreme liberal "fringe." At the very same event where he peddled his venomous diatribe, another noteworthy speaker was Bill Clinton himself. While both Clintons seek at times to portray themselves as "centrists," neither is the least bit uncomfortable revealing their true, ultra-liberal philosophies at gatherings of this nature.

It must be clearly understood that Paul Begala is not the source of a problem within Democrat circles, but merely an outward symptom. Amid similarly shrill allegations, the Democrat/media cabal grossly exaggerated the fabricated crimes of Karl Rove and misdeeds of Tom Delay.

Meanwhile, the same people regularly turn a blind eye to the horrendous security breaches of former Assistant Attorney General Jamie Gorelick and National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, among others.

If Democrats can keep Republicans on the defensive, they consider themselves victorious. And they remain indifferent to the resulting moral boost this continually gives the terrorists. Apparently the endangerment of America is an acceptable risk, when the Democrat Party's political future is at stake.

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