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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Breaking News
1. Al Qaeda kills more than 150 in blasts across Baghdad as revenge for Tal Afar Offensive
2 Gaza: the Jihad Advances closer to Israel
3. Hamas vow to bring down Israel
4. Al Qaeda Has Drones, one shot down
5. Pennsylvania Flight 93, Re-Hijacked
6. 5,000 Suicide Bombers in Germany
7. Afghan Border Fence is Kabul's Problem says Pakistani Military Official
8. Hundreds of Islamic Terrorists in UK
9. Hamas blows hole in Gaza border
10. 100 Thai Muslim teachers held
Other News "If I were to stock that book, this place would get blown up!" - The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)

Bin Laden's Iran Refuge - Another valid reason for Military action against Iran

Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf has announced more than once that he was sending commandos into the tribal areas of Pakistan to flush out bin Laden. If Pakistani troops were quick and thorough, bin Laden would find himself surrounded—and perhaps even betrayed for the $25 million price on his head. Relying on the goodwill of Baluch cutthroats, he must have known, was not a viable long-term strategy.

Seemingly desperate, bin Laden recorded an extraordinary audiotape and sent it via courier to Ali Khamenei, the grand ayatollah of Iran's Supreme Council. On that tape, according to a former Iranian intelligence officer I interviewed in Europe, bin Laden asked for Iran's help. In exchange for safe harbor and funding, he pledged to put al Qaeda at the service of Iran to combat American forces in Afghanistan and in Iraq, where al Qaeda leaders believed American intervention was inevitable. Bin Laden reportedly pledged, "If I die, my followers will be told to follow you [Khamenei]."

Apparently the taped appeal worked. Murtaza Rezai, the director for Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's personal intelligence directorate, began secret negotiations with bin Laden. Under the agreement between the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and al Qaeda, several convoys transported bin Laden's four wives, as well as his eldest son and heir apparent, Saad bin Laden, into Iran. Saad reportedly remains there today.

Then, on July 26, 2002, bin Laden himself crossed into Iran from the Afghanistan border near Zabol, traveling north to the Iranian city of Mashad.

Over the next year, bin Laden holed up in a series of safe houses controlled by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard between Qazvin and Karaj, two cities along a highway west of Teheran. He moved frequently to avoid detection or betrayal. He was not alone. Two intelligence sources told me bin Laden was "guarded by the Revolutionary Guard."

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Tricks and Tactics used by Muslims to convert others to Islam

We are told over and over again by Muslim propagandists that "ISLAM IS THE FASTEST GROWING RELIGION IN THE WORLD". But little do we know how Islam propogates itself. The history of Islam exposes the bitter and shameful truth. Before Islam's first battle at Badr, Mohammed spurred his followers with lust for booty and sex slaves. The captured womenfolk were distributed by Mohammed amongst his followers and so was the booty distributed. Thus his followers had greed to motivate them, while the Quraish were fighting a defensive war to protect their caravans from Mohammed 's predatory raids. This also attracted other crimnal dregs of Arab society to follow Mohammed by embracing Islam. Mohammed also drilled into his followers the fantasy that if they died, they would reach heavan (Jann'at) where they would be served upon by 72 virgins (Houris) and pearly eyed boys. The motivation of the Quraish was to defend their business, as is that of the Americans today to defend the Western way of life. In this struggle, Mohammed with his dangling the carrots of booty and slaves along with the fantasy of landing in heaven for those who dies, was able to ensure that his gangsters (the first Muslims) became insanely paranoid in battle. They had everything to gain, and nothing to lose. While the Quraish were businessmen, fighting to get rid of a menace to their way of life. This difference in the motivation levels led to the defeat of the Quraish and to successive defeats of the many non-Muslim armies that opposed the Muslims. Americans would do well to remember this. today as we fight the war on Islam (Terrorism).

Lessons about the Muslim psyche that the Battle of Badr tell us

Badr was the first battle where the paranoid gangsters which that power hungry megalomaniac of Mecca had gathered around him, showed feats of desperate foolhardiness, that paid off and stunned the opposing forces. This was to repeat itself many a time through the course of Muslim history, thus building a false fantasy that allah was aiding the Muslims. What was aiding them was thir lust and greed. Mohammed had worked his followers into a frenzy and as a hungry man knows no law, these gangsters, rapists, murders would stoop to any level to defeat an enemy. The world has not yet learn this fountainhead of Muslim psychology, so cleverly built by the founding father of terrorism - Mohammed -ibn-Abadallah.

Islamic theology (sic) absolved all crimes if they were committed while fighting non-Muslims

While every nation has credited a penal code, the criminal mind of Mohammed devised a penal code in such a way that if a Muslim did anything against Islam, he was a Murtad (Apostate) and apostasy had only one punishment in Islam - death. But if a Muslim gangster committed any foul and heinous deed in order to bring victory to his gang (of Muslims), Islamic law forgave all those deeds in the name of they being the Jihad against the Non-Muslims (Kafirs) . Mohammed preached contempt for all non-Muslim and told his gangsters that the non-Muslims were living in ignorance (Jahiliyaa) and that he would lead his followers to enlightenment (Ailm or ilm). This enlightenment forgave all acts of rape, murder, torture, as long as they were committed against the non-Muslims (Kafirs). In all of Islam's existence of 1400 years very few have been able to recognize this heinous nature of Islam. Today those who are fighting the Muslims need to get an understanding of what they are up against, if they are to defeat the Muslim and destroy the threat of Islam once and forever.

What the Jihad Signifies

The battle of Badr marked the beginning of the Islamic terror of Jihad. The Muslims had begun their dirty work. the Jihad was on and on in earnest. Mohammed gave this name Jihad (from Jahada which in Arabic means struggle) to his war campaign. In reality it was not a struggle, it was in fact genocide against all humanity - since at that time except for the gang of small bandits at Medina led by Mohammed, everyone else was non-Muslim. This defeat of the Meccans in 624, was also the first victory for the forces of that evil genius Mohammed.

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