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Monday, November 14, 2005

Breaking News
1. Somalia: 12 killed in jihad against movies
2. French Intifada, Day 18 - graduating from cars to Schools - 2 set ablaze
3. Jordan Captures Wife of Suicide Bomber, more arrests happening
Other News
1. Jihadists Plan World Revolution by attacking Temple Mount
2. Fearing Zarqawi could target Saudi Arabia next - Saudis Pledge $1 Billion to Rebuild Iraq
1. Is there anything like Saudi Accountability?
2. Five Questions Muslims need to Answer - but we know they will not

Today's Exclusive : The Amman Blasts the first shots of the emerging schism between the Wahabis and the Hashemites

His Majesty of Jordan King Abdullah - will he be the last Hashemite sovereign?

The schism between the Hashemites and the Wahabi Saudis will work its way in the distant future only after Shiite Iran is pacified and we have a friendly regime in Tehran. After that when it is the turn of the Saudis to face regime change, they would use the Hashemite card to save their sinking monarchy. But we need to prepare ourselves to the drama that is ultimately going to be enacted in the heart and center of Islam Arabia. Setting a time frame for these events will today be hypothetical, but they will come on top of the agenda when the Iranian threat is past and the Saudis move over to the finals for regime change. The Saudi regime will either have to change itself by divesting itself of its Wahabi roots and influences in effect by de-Saudizing itself, or it will have to be changed as was the regimes of Taliban and Saddam.

It is at this juncture sometime in the future that the Saudis would be pushed to the wall and they would have to decide between surrender or destruction. By de-Saudizing itself it would in effect surrender to American demands; and the other option is destruction through a final war with the US led coalition.

In the event of the Saudi regime making the latter choice, which is quite possible after a portion the regime defects to our side, the scenario we are talking about today will realize itself a few years hence. Although today neither RAND nor Stratfor nor the Pentagon nor the Oval Office would talk about it, this stratagem would work its way in dividing the Arabs of the Saudi Arabian peninsula in to Wahabi Saudis, the reformist Saudis who would switch sides and the Hashemites who are today living silently under Saudi rule hoping to reclaim their mantle of rulership some day.

In the distant future during the build-up to destabilizing the Saudi regime, we would have to use these schisms between the Saudis and the Hashemites and those within the Saudis themselves that would emerge during the final days of the Saudi monarchy.

To understand the depth of the schism between the Hashemites and the Saudis you shall need to read the Addendum below.Only then would the above hypothesis make sense.

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The lessons we need to learn from the early victories against Muslims if we are to destroy Islamic threat forever

Today the Islamic Terrorists try to deflect the American effort at war, by many their own time honored deceptive tactics based on their mean psychology of deceit. They say that the 9/11 attacks were the handiwork of the Jews (sic). They say that they are fighting in self- defiance and so they kill innocent civilians, women and children (at Beslan). This kind of deceit has been used by the Muslims in all their encounters al through the 1400 years of their existence. This base and mean mentality of the Muslims will have to borne in mind and countered if we are to finally defeat the Muslim today and to permanently end the menace of Islam. History is replete with such examples of the Muslims having deceived their adversaries and having secured a victory through subterfuge.

This is evident in one of the first battles of the Islamic Jihad, the battle of Ghadasia (Cadesia or Quadsiyyah) fought between the invading Muslims and the defending Persians (15 A.H., 637 C.E.). The battle was fought over four days. The Persians were led by a capable general named Rustam-e-Farrokhzad (Farokh Hormazd), and only the foul tactics of Saad-Ibn-Waqas, the Arab Muslim commander could bring defeat and death to Rustam and the Persian army. Under Saad-ibn- Waqas, the Muslims very effectively used the tactic of luring the Arab contingent to defect from the Persian army, join the Arab Muslims and betray their non-Muslim Zoroastrian paymasters. This way the Muslims could get to know the weaknesses of the Persian army. One of these was the tactic of cutting the girdles of the Howdas (seats) of those who were riding the elephants, so that they would fall and thus the elephant would become directionless. The elephants played havoc on t beginning of the first day of the battle.

But when the Arab contingent who had defected, betrayed their Persian paymasters and told the Arab Muslims to cut the girdles of the elephants, the elephants became useless. This was one way the Muslims could defeat their more superior adversary. The second tactic told by the defectors was to blind the elephants in one eye only, so that they would lose direction and flee away from the direction, of its attackers. When this was done, the elephants turned around and broke through the Persian ranks, causing disorder in the Persian army and opened up passages for the Muslims to advance into the Persian ranks. This was the second tactic which the defectors told the Arab Muslims to use, due to which the tide of the battle turned in favor of the Muslim - so much for Allah giving them victory. The Arabs and Persian had agreed at the beginning of the battle not fight after sundown, but when the tide of the battle began to turn against the Persians on the third day of the battle, the Arabs attacked the Persian all through the night, shouting Allah-o-Akbar. This was the Night of Clangor, which sealed the fate of the battle in favor of the deceitful and barbaric Muslim Arabs. The victory was a result of deceit, which he adversaries of the Muslims today need to remember when fighting he Muslims.

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A new and deadly form of Terrorism is Emerging

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There will come a point when widespread Muslim terror attacks against the U.S. will no longer allow military actions as we have taken in Iraq and Afghanistan and will call for a re- appraisal of our military strategy…… More....

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