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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Breaking News
1. US Warns Syria: Our Patience Is Running Out
2. Bush to address nation amid new questions
3. Palestinian Authority now controls Gaza security - or does it?
4. Zarqawi's Jihadist Outfit claim Chemical Attack on Baghdad
5. London Bomb Suspect loses Appeal - to be Extradited
6. Annan's solution for Fighting Global Terrorism
- A Crime Fighting Agency

7. terror Divides Participants seeking UN Reform
8. Tony Blair’s bizarre panel of terrorism advisers,
consists of Inayat Bunglawala, a radical Muslim known for his anti-Semitism

9. 2,300 terror Suspects Arrested in Iraq in August
10. UK Tries to Arrest Israeli Officer - Despite 7/7, British descent into madness continues!
11. An orgy of looting and arson in Gaza.

The War of the West with the Jihad - Man Vs. Man-Eater

It is completely unimportant that Jihadists or their Moslem sympathizers and apologists "understand" us. What is important is that they be afraid of us. That they have a conviction that if they attack us we will hunt them down and kill them dead. That they know we are the folks that obliterated Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Dresden with no regrets and we will do the same to Mecca and Medina if necessary. That we have nothing but contempt for them and they have no hope of defeating us.

Jihadism is an unstable, fragile frenzy. Once the Jihadis lose hope, the frenzy destabilizes, and this war is quickly won.

No pro-American thought it weird during the Cold War that we had nukes aimed at Moscow in response to the Soviets aiming them at us. It's what prevented the Cold War from becoming nuclear hot. The threat to nuke Mecca may be the one reason we haven't had another 9/11 or worse.

As Mecca is of ultimate value to the Jihadis, targeting Mecca is an ultimate deterrent for us. Whether the story that some Pentagon friends of mine hinted at -- that a W-80 warhead is already buried in Mecca equipped to recognize a unique signal generator from a satellite for detonation – is true or if it's Psy-Ops, I don't know. The important thing is that the Jihadis don't know either. There's a discussion of this with a picture of a W-80 in the Mad in Mecca article (October 5, 2004) in To The Point.

The problem is that Jihadism is hard-wired into Islam's founding document, the Koran – and so is anything else you want. The Koran is the most incoherent religious text ever put down on paper. That's because it is not a book – it is a chant. It is not meant to be pondered and thought about. It is not meant to be read at all. It is meant to be chanted in a language – Classical Arabic – un-understood by most of the world's Moslems as is Latin by almost all Christians, in order to put believers into an unthinking, unreflective trance.

Many wonder if the Jihadists and the Islamic ethos from where they spring is so inherently violent and dangerous, why does the West not go for it and destroy the Islamic threat to civilization once and forever? The answer could lie in human psychology vis-a-vis that of a man-eater tiger. Let us consider that a man is once attacked by a man- eater tiger with the intention of making dinner out of the man, but due to sheer luck the man escapes with bruises.

With time these bruises are healed. And our man after some days sees a gathering of tigers at a watering hole, will he pick up his gun and hunt down all of them without a second thought, as the tiger had sprung at him the moment he had spotted the man? No the man won't do that. He would wonder, yes a man-eater tiger did attack me in this area, but then these tigers could be innocent, although they come from the same ethos (species) as that of the man-eater. Herein lies the answer why the West dithers in eliminating Islam once and forever, in spite of being attacked.

The argument that all Muslims are not violent is at work to dull our senses from realizing that all Muslims come from the same ethos as do the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11, 3/11, 7/7 and on numerous occasions all through their history of 1400 years. And we shall not eliminate the threat to our existence till we eliminate the Islamic ethos once and forever. The question is when will we wake up to this stark reality?

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The Islamic Roots of Islamic Terrorism

Mohammed, the founder of Islam, was a member of the Quraish clan which was in charge of the Kaaba, and so by birth he belonged to a privileged Arab clan. But he did not hold a position of distinction within the clan. The turning event of his life was in the year 610 C.E. when during a dispute within his clan about who would be in charge of the annual repairs to the Kaaba. The clan members decided that the person who at that time walks into the Kaaba first would be in charge of the repairs. And it so happened that Mohammed came to know of this condition, and the evil genius that he was, he realized that this was his opportunity to thrust himself on a higher pedestal. Next morning when the Meccans had gathered to see who walks towards the Kabba first, came our man Mohammed walking nonchalantly towards the holiest object of the Quraish of Mecca.

Little did the Quraish realize that the person walking towards the Kaaba was not any chosen one, but one who held within him a diabolical genius who by this petty but powerful act grabbed unto himself an exalted position of being in charge of repairs to the Kaaba and paved the way himself to elevate his position in the eyes of the Meccans. This shrewd and diabolical act of the evil genius Mohammed was to start a trail to bloodshed thru Persia, Byzantine, Egypt, North Africa, Spain, France, Balkans… and of which 9/11 was the most dramatic example a trail which has not ended till today, nor will it end till Islam is brought to its full and final end.

Till that point in time, Mohammed was any other Arab, any other Bedouin, any other Quraish. From then onwards, his stature changed in the eyes of his compatriots. And most importantly, it changed in his own eyes. He began considering that he had to fulfill a mission, an extraordinary mission. His delusion was nurtured by his being a epileptic and he hallucinated that he was in direct communication with god. He began to rationalize his ideas about his personal grandeur by telling people that god had chosen him as his messenger. His claims were met with ridicule.

His epileptic. fits now began play a pivotal role making him hallucinate that he was in communion with some god

But his innate ambition to be a leader of men, had been fuelled by his being chosen to undertake repairs to the Kaaba and which he partly consciously and partly subconsciously amplified by his epileptic fits during which he imagined that god had commanded him to preach the worship of the one true god. His self delusion was evident in the first sentence that he preached "La ilah ilallah, Mohammed ur Rasulallah" "There is no god, but allah and Mohammed is his Prophet."

This way he had cleverly removed any competition to his personal god, which he borrowed from the main god of the Quraish - Allah whose images was one of the many that was being worshipped at the Kaaba. But in this first statement, Mohammed also placed himself on a pedestal, that was unique. He was the prophet of god and the last prophet at that. he brooked no competition. This kind of a flagrant egoism, earned him many detractors. And when he started preaching that all gods other than Allah were false gods, the Meccans panicked. Since the existence of these many gods brought people to Mecca on pilgrimage and earned the Meccans good money. The aristocracy of the Quraish tribe, saw a grave threat to their own position as intercessors between the lay Arabs and the gods in the Kaaba, since with Mohammed 's proclamation, it was he alone who was to be recognized as a prophet.

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