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Monday, September 12, 2005

Breaking News
1. Palestinians swim and loot on Gaza’s
first day of freedom, vandalize synagogue at Neve Dekalim

2. Leftist-islamist Exhibition
Vandalize Star and Stripes near Ground Zero

3. Palestinians set fire to shuls, yeshiva in Gaza.
4. Al Qaeda terrorist Adam Gadahn's tape threatens to attack
Los Angeles and Melbourne

5. No Shari’a law in Ontario
6. Terrorists reject call for ceasefire in Kashmir
7. Flight 93 Memorialized with Islamic Red Crescent!
8. In Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists want to enter politics
9. British Muslims force change of name for Holocaust Memorial

Inside the mind of a suicide bomber

Islam keeps on lacking one very important feature which most cultures have developed and which is indispensable for diverting violence inside a group: the impossibility for the average Muslim individual to develop a thinking outside the community and for the Muslim collective to deal with power and with women without violence has prevailed until today and is even picking up again due to modernization conflicts.

In this context, one has to keep in mind the Western "scientists" in sociolgy, anthropology, neuro-physiology etc. who deny the singularity of the human mind. Therefore, they have no problems with cognition Islamic style and thus explain "martyr" bombers as "emergency defence". Ultimately we are talking about politics, of course, renewing sympathies with a radical ideology quite close to the biology of Fascism.

It is clear that Islamist terrorists hate globalization, freedom for women to dress as they wish, freedom of speech, democracy, et al. But they do so because it makes life on this earth even more materially comfortable. They reject earthly pleasure and happiness. The enjoyment of life represents humiliation to them! The sight of a happy free and spontaneous woman laughing, dressed as she wants to be dressed, represents humiliation to them. That is the problem. Can we really blame America for the unhappiness of those who venerate a death-cult that rejects individualism and the pursuit of happiness in earthly existence?

So we should not be very astonished if we are repeatedly confronted with "honor" murderers, suicide bombers and other Islamic geared perpetrators as long as our "elites" tell us that "Islam is not the problem". In my new book coming out next month ("Allahs Women - Djihad between Sharia and Denocracy") I describe - among other subjects - exactly this self-legitimizing violence which does not need a "self" but simply asks for and lives on "individuals" serving indoctrination purposes. In London, terrorists were at work who grew up in the Western environment, obviously without assuming any individualizing element of this civilization.

They confirm the complete failure of "integration" and, moreover, Dr. Kobrin's impressive formula of "womb to tomb". The "divinely" granted freedom to kill secures Allah's community and simultaneously the only form of "individuality" possible in Islam. We know that "not all" followers of Islam are violent but its spectral structure and growing populations will provide for vast supply in the future.

However our politicians may twist the matter, as long as they are unable and/or unprepared to face these Islamic realities they will not only violate their responsibility towards the non-Muslim majority - they will encourage further bombings and "honor" killings as well as the risks of greater conflicts. In this context we should not forget either the growing pressure coming from the Islamic investor side which plays a fast rising role in the global portfolio management and state financing game, thereby adding to corruption and political paralyzation.

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The Myth of an Islamic Golden Age

Due to its roots in the barren Arabian desert, Islam was a simple religion. As Islam was born in an environment where people lived at subsistence, in an extreme climate which made them temperamental – this is the root of Muslim fanaticism. A trait that was passed on to all the people from different climatic and geographic environments who accept Islam.

This was reflected in the process of the Arabization and Islamization of the Persians, Egyptians North African, Turks, etc. But the converted Persians, Egyptians and North Africans (Carthagians) had cultured and civilized pre-Islamic pasts. They had developed advanced civilizations of Egypt Carthage and Persia. So when these people were militarily defeated and forcibly converted to Islam, they brought in cultured traits and a tradition of learning into Islam.

In fact the first codified grammar of Arabic was written by a Persian. The Arabs were unlettered, Mohammed (yimach shmo ve-zichro - may his name and memory be obliterated) himself was completely illiterate, in addition to being cruel, cunning and ruthless.

So the much vaunted Islamic renaissance was in fact a renaissance of the Persian (Zoroastrian) converts to Islam during the Persianized Abbasiad Caliphate. During the first four caliphs Abba (Abu) Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali (the last three who were murdered by other Muslims in cold blood) and the Ummayad caliphate at Damascus, there was no such thing like the Islamic Renaissance, it was the Persian North African and Egyptian converts who had a pre-Islamic legacy of being civilized, which they carried forward after being converted to Islam.

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