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1. Iran vows enrichment after U.N. resolution on sanctions.
2. US warning after Iran breaks IAEA seals to enrich uranium, and dares UN, US and Israel
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1. Americans Said to Meet Rebels, Exploiting Rift

Today's exclusive Story :

With Saddam gone, how do we now stabilize Iraq to ensure an orderly withdrawal of our marines?

With the Shiites now having had their revenge on the Sunni Saddam, the Sunnis are waiting behind the Bushes (no pun intended!) to pounce on the Shiites with their own "shock and awe" decapitating attacks that could take off Moqtada Al Sadr, Al Hakim or maybe even the reclusive Al Sistani. A mega terror attack is expected during the next Ashura (Shiite festival) at Najaf, Karbala or Basra. The Shiites meanwhile will not be sitting cross-legged enjoying their falafel and kubus with the humus, while these events occur. They will ramp up their daily abductions of Sunnis (gradually targeting senior Sunni politicians like Duliami or Adnan Pachachi), torturing them with electric drills and live wires.

All this will add up to a nice little civil war that will have everything uncivil about it, save the name. The crowning glory could be Iran passing on a few crude nuke devices to the Shiites to target Ramadi, Fallujah, Tikrit and other major Sunni cities. While the Saudis pass on their arsenal to the Sunnis in Iraq.

Now all this is probable, but what is not is that we might eventually, say by the Spring or latest by the Fall of 2007, see a "coup" in the Green Zone that might see a Sunni (ex-Baathist?) military strongman given power in Baghdad, who would suspend the elected Shiite dominated Iraqi Parliament and start of a real Shiite-Sunni bloodbath.

Yup, many readers are gonna junk this as "Baloney". But hang on buddies, this idea is not all that novel. It did happen earlier in 1921. So here's a bit of history to refresh our memory of what might happen once again.

In 1921 the British administration appointed the Sunni potentate Faysal Iraqi as a king of Shiite dominated newly formed state of Iraq along with the establishment of an Arab government under British mandate. Faysal was succeeded by his son, King Ghazi (1912-39), who was young and inexperienced. In 1939, shortly before the outbreak of World War II, King Ghazi was killed in a mysterious car accident, and his son Faysal II ascended the throne. As Faysal was only four years old, his uncle, Emir 'Abd al-Ilah, was appointed regent and served in this capacity for the next 14 years.

By 1952, King Faysal II, who had come of age, began to exercise his formal powers, and the period of regency came to an end. It was hoped that the regent would withdraw from active politics and allow the political forces of the country to create a new order. The former regent, who became the crown prince, continued to control political events from behind the scenes. The struggle for power among the leaders continued with increasing intensity until the downfall of the monarchy in 1958. On July 14, 1958, the Sunni dominated Baathists captured Baghdad, declared the downfall of the monarchy, and proclaimed a republic. The leading members of the royal house, including the king and crown prince, were executed.

Rising from the ranks of the Baathists was a young brash Sunni upstart named Saddam Hussein, who gradually strengthened his position within the Baath party and seized absolute power on July 16, 1979.

The moral of this story is that all these events were dominated by the Sunnis. And why so? because from 1921, the British had assiduously kept the Shiites out of the portals of power in Iraq. And consequently, the Iraqi Baathist regime till the invasion of Kuwait in 1990, had remained on the right side of the West. The common factor from 1921 up to 2003 was that the minority Sunnis held the power of life and death over the majority Shiites (and Kurds).

Today the reverse has been happening. The Shiites wield the power and Iraq is sliding into anarchy. Not that anarchy in the Middle East is all that bad, as the enemy is kept busy battling itself.

But now that one faction (Shiites) of the enemy has held the upper hand, formalized by its execution of Saddam, the king-pin (again no pun intended) of the rival Sunni faction, the time has perhaps come for us to repeat the strategy of 1921. Will the tomes at the Pentagon recollect the successful experiment of how Iraq was stabilized from 1921 up to 2003 and learn enough from history to appoint a Sunni strongman with absolute powers of life and death over all his opponents inside Iraq. This could pave the way for our orderly withdrawal from Iraq, while the enemy (Shiites and Sunnis) would remain busy going at each others throats for a long time to come.


Saddam's Execution – will it Open the Gates of Hell?

Will the execution of Saddam, lead to the "Opening of the “gates of hell” between the Shiites and Sunnis (to use an Arabic term) not just in Iraq but all over the Middle East.

The Sunnis have noted the gangster like environment when Saddam was executed with shouts of "Moqtada, Moqtada" and "Straight to hell" from his Shiite captors belonging to the Mahdi Army, co-opted in to the Iraqi army, followed by the wild tumultuous welcome given by the Shiites to the execution.

This execution will lead to many fatalities. We hope our marines manage to stay out of it as far as is possible.

Islam – to be hanged to death?

The end of the era part will make itself felt when the Shiite-Sunni war spills out of Iraq, first into Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and then in Syria, Lebanon, and finally Iran and Pakistan.

The execution of Saddam is a act that will contribute to dividing and ultimately destroying Islam. And that is how it got to be. It couldn’t have gotten different or gotten better! Just wait and watch folks, the fireworks are about to begin in the Middle East. The only regret is our boys will be in the midst of it all.


Our Resolution for the New Year
- Nuke the Hajj, pulverize Mecca


We are not Sun Tzu, or Machiavelli, but we know that to defeat an enemy, we need to know the mind of that enemy. The enemy we face today is Islamic terrorism. The mind of this enemy is born and bred in an environment built around hate and destruction. Muslims are even prepared to destroy all life on earth if their objective of converting the world to Islam is frustrated. We better have an intimate understanding of the Muslim Mind, if we are to survive as an intelligent species on this planet. Otherwise folks, we are done in for!

"Those whom God wishes to destroy, he makes insane”. We should do precisely this and make the Muslim community insane with rage, before we destroy them. We can make them insane through a decapitation attack on the Hajj that would send to the Houris of the Muslim hell, the maximum possible number of the Hajjites.

Islam is an enemy that will stop at nothing, even if it means the destruction of all life forms on this planet. So Islam needs to be destroyed preemptively. To destroy Islam, we need three ingredients in our outlook

1) Hate the enemy more than he hates you.

2) Act upon this hatred using any and all means possible whatever the cost, as long as it preserves you. Deception and ruthlessness being the masterpieces of this mindset.

3) Go in search for your enemy and find him, before he finds you. Never stop till the last of the enemy is dead meat.

Having said this, an opportunity exists for those who want to give the enemy a bloody nose and escalate the conflict with Islam to a point where it is mandatory for the warring parties namely the civilized world led by the US against the forces of darkness represented by Islam to a finishing finale. And to finish the fight, we need to finish the dangerous and evil ideology of Islam that is as yet still nuclear incompetent!

An opportunity exits right now – the Hajj. With the Muslims having established Islam’s murderous agenda for fourteen hundred years and having made an Opening Statement to us on 9/11, it is for the daring and visionary amongst us to revive our Cowboy spirit that took the Wild West frontier right up to the Pacific by today taking the initiative in to our hands.

We can foresee Pan-western vigilante groups who could team up with the marines and technocrats of various countries and bring about a devastating explosion at Makkah during the Hajj. This is bound to happen someday, when we get fed up with follow-up attacks against us, that would make 9/11, 3/11 and 7/7 look like kid stuff. Vigilante groups are being formed and are striving to get the wherewithal necessary to kill the maximum number of Muslim at a mega-gathering to create an impact like never before. An impact such that the administrations of the Muslim nations, with the bloodlust crazed Muslim populations and those among the Muslims who have effectively actionized their basic terrorist mentality in our age, will all together get up and running in a mass suicide attack on the rest of the world.

This “mass suicide attack” by the Muslim Ummah is not an idiom here, but a description of reality that would follow a decapitation attack on Muslims at the Hajj. After this is done, Muslims all across the world will go berserk, and that is desired for the rest of the world to get its act together and destroy Islam. As is said “Those whom God wishes to destroy, he makes insane” We should do precisely this, with the decapitation attack on the Hajj that would send to the Houris of the Muslim hell, the maximum possible number of the Hajjites and make the entire Muslim Ummah insane!

This would be the first nail in the coffin of that mad dog called Islam. As it is, all Muslims want to either kill or convert all non-Muslims. A Muslim is either an active or a latent terrorist. Their Instruction Manual of Terrorism - the blasted Quran, makes all of them that – without a single exception in the one billion and a half of the practising Muslims. So we say provoke the Muslims to bring their basic murderous urges to the fore, and do this before they have the capacity to match their will of terrorizing the world to accept Islam or death.

We need to neutralize them by giving them the death that they keep chanting about at the drop of a hat! We need to give death to all the billion and a half Muslims, except those who are ready to give up this murderous creed, by submitting themselves to an exercise where they would undergo brain mapping, brainwashing and re-education as non-Muslims. Here we preserve the body, but recast the mind in a non-Islamic mould and reduce the loss of human life - if that is at all possible. For the rest of the Murderous Muslim Ummah, we can and should give them the stillness of eternal sleep. Amen.

Story Credits: War on Jihad team


Looking Beyond Iraq

- the impending Shia-Sunni Civil Wars in the Middle East

The next few months will see the following Muslim-on-Muslim civil wars across the Islamic crescent.

The Iraq theater

The Iraq theater is already on fire with the daily killings by Shiites and Sunnis of each other. We need only add here that the next stage would be when the Shiite and Sunni populations are entirely ethnically cleansed from the mixed localities. After which the bloodletting will be along more clearly defined borders with the Shiites concentrated in Southern Iraq and the Sunnis in the Jazeera (Triangle) in Anbar. There would be no individual killings of Shiites and Sunnis as there would be none of them living in the others' domains.

Today the populations are still mixed, so we have individual and targeted killings in marketplaces, mosques. This is bloody enough, but what will follow when the populations are exchanged into clearly defined Shiite and Sunni zones would be far more bloodier with dirty bombs, tactics like poisoning of water sources and even nuke devices being used to cause mass-casualties in the enemy zones especially in cities like Najaf, Karbala and Basra.

The Baker-Hamilton Report: In the midst of all this the Baker-Hamilton report on Iraq suggests that the oil fields in Iraq be brought under the control of the Central Iraqi Authority (read the Shiite dominated regime at Baghdad). This will draw a wedge between the Kurds who would not want to give up the oil wells in Kirkuk to their Shiite fair weather “friends”. The Kurds are Sunnis although they flaunt their ethnicity and not their religion. But if push comes to shove, then the Kurds will not think twice before setting their Peshmergas (Kurdish militias) in to action against the forces of the Shiite dominated Iraqi army, if the Shiites make any attempt to control; the Kurdish Oil wells at Kirkuk.

If M/s. Baker-Hamilton wanted a peaceful Iraq (by Middle Eastern Standards!), then they should have suggested the trifurcation of Iraq, within or without a federal framework. But with the recommendation of a Strong Secular Central authority (which would inevitably translate to the reinstatement of the Baathists of the former Iraqi army disbanded by the coalition in 2003) the Sunnis would pitted against the Shiites who run a sectarian Shiite regime that is far from secular.

And to top all this, the Baker-Hamilton report asks the US to talk to Iran – of all things! Any idea of talking to the Shiite Iranian Mullahs will infuriate the Iraqi Sunnis and the more so Baathists among them who fought an eight year long war with the Shiite Iranian Mullah regime. This suggestion will draw the Sunnis and Shiites further apart.

In brief, the suggestions of the Baker-Hamilton report would divide Iraq further and exacerbate the already raging civil war! Did anyone in the Middle East spot this out when the Baker-Hamilton report was tabled?

The ramping up of the Iraq theater would see mass fatalities to the tune of thousands and hundreds of thousands at one go, as against tens and hundreds now. This process would be accentuated by the flow of armaments and ordnance from Iranians to the Iraqi Shiites and from the Saudis to the Iraqi Sunnis. The Saudis would make peace with the Al Qaeda and co-ordinate their activities with the Qaeda on the sly.

The Palestinian Theater

The deadly cocktail of two diametrically and intrinsically opposite forces of Democracy and Islam have created a fertile ground for a conflict between two murderous groups, the Fatah and the Hamas today, in Judea, Samaria and Gaza (also mistakenly termed as the Palestinian territories). Islam calls for a total surrender to the will of a fantasy which the Muslims call ”allah”, This is mixed with democracy, which calls for the will of the majority of the people to be supreme. Islam calls for the murder of all those who do not submit to the will of those who wield power in the name of the fantasy called ”allah”, and democracy calls for a dialogue between opposites within a constitutional framework.

Fatah and Hamas, both of who invoke Islam and are caught up inside one democratic framework are like two murderous crocodiles (read Islamic terror gangs) caught within a cage (read democracy). The only outcome is the use of the confines of the cage (read the democratic framework) as an alibi for the most basic instincts of the two crocodiles – bloodletting! This is what we are witnessing today in Judea, Samaria and Gaza (also mistakenly termed as the Palestinian territories).

What is surprising is that the Sunni Hamas ironically has a sponsor in the Iranian Shiite regime but what is not well known that the Al Aqsa martyrs brigade of the Fatah has established backdoor links with Al Qaeda. An indicator of these alliances is the fact that the Hamas spokesman goes in front of the global media and states that Hamas is not the Al Qaeda or the Taliban! But why does he omit to specify that Hamas is not like the Hezbollah or the Mullah regime of Iran?? This itself leaves a telltale story of the emerging sponsors of the Hamas and the Al Aqsa Martyrs brigade of the Fatah in the Palestinian theater of the Islamic civil war. A civil war that has nothing civil about it save the name!!

This brings us to the spill over of this war into Jordan and the terrifying rationale for Jordan’s king Abdullah to stem the Palestinian civil war from erupting further. He has called over the leaders of Fatah and Hamas to Amman to talk peace. He knows that if the Palestinian territories go up in flames, Jordan will not remain peaceful for long with its overwhelming Palestinian population. Jordan would soon end up as the battle ground for Hamas and Fatah – a terrifying prospect that His Majesty King Abdullah of Jordan dreads and so is trying his level best to avert. But alas he will fail.

The Jordanian Theater

King Abdullah of Jordan smartly gave Jordan a miss when he mentioned the three civil wars in Iraq, Lebanon and in the Palestinian territories. But Jordan which has a majority population of Palestinians and is held down under the tight fist of the Hashemite Jordanian monarchy with the help of loyal Bedouin army, would burst at its seams when the Palestinians who have already started the bloodletting between Hamas and Fatah and could soon start their next intifada against Israel to provide both Fatah and Hamas followers with a common target, while murdering one other.

But why Jordan? Because both Hamas and Fatah would try to seize control of Jordan by overthrowing the Hashemite monarchy to get a base to strike at Israel and realize their dream of a united Palestine without Israel!. And, for the goons of the Hamas and Fatah, striking and taking over Jordan as a first step, is much easier than attempting to destroy Israel upfront!

The Hashemites Kings of Jordan have always been critical of the Wahabis (although they themselves too are Sunnis). But the Wahabi brand of Sunni Islam finds no favor with the Hashemites ever since the Hashemite dynasty was overthrown in the Hejaz by the Saudi Wahabis in the last century.

Today the relations between the Saudi Wahabi regime and the Hashemite monarchy of Jordan are overtly cordial. But with the Shiite-Sunni bloodletting all across the Middle East and especially with the Palestinian civil war hotting up, the Saudis would be overtaken by the Al Qaeda and would allow the Qaeda terrorists to team up with the Hamas to take over Jordan. The Jordanian theater would see a civil war not of the Shiite-Sunni type, but the Hashemite-Wahabi type!

The Saudi theater

The Saudis have cast nervous eyes at the bloodletting in Iraq, and they know for sure that when the Iraqi Shiites form a semi- independent enclave in Southern Oil rich Iraq, the Saudi Shiites of Al Khobar and Dhahran would become restive. And egged on by Iran the Saudi Shiites would not be averse to demand more privileges for their oil rich province and eventually greater autonomy to culminate in their own militias and insurgency to demand an independent state as their Iraqi Shiites would have achieved by then. Thus the Saudis would see the Iraqi style bloodletting mirrored in their oil rich, Shiite dominated North Eastern Saudi provinces.

The Saudis would then initiate an informal pact with the Al Qaeda and stop all punitive measures against the Qaeda in Saudi Arabia. The Qaeda in turn will help the ruling Sunni Wahabis of Riyadh to quash the Shiite rebellion in Al Khobar and Dhahran which would spill over to the Shiite dominated but Sunni ruled Bahrain, with repercussions in the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah) and Oman (Muscat).

The Iranian theater

With Iran playing its dirty game of pitting Shiites against the Sunnis in Iraq and Saudi Arabia, the Saudis would return the Iranian compliment by fomenting unrest in the Arab population of the Fars province in South-Western Iran. This would see a mini Iraq in South- Western Iran. With the Al Qaeda chipping in, we could see mega terror attacks by the Al Qaeda all over Iran especially in Qom and Tehran.

The Lebanese Theater

With the first killings of Shiite (Hezbollah) demonstrators by the Sunnis in Lebanon, the Shiite-Sunni wound has been opened in Lebanon too. Last time around the Lebanese Civil war was on Muslim-Christian lines.

This time the Maronite Christians have grown wiser due to the happenings around them and have displayed a shrewd acknowledgement of the shape of things to come in Lebanon in the near future.

Advised by their allies in the West, the Maronites have smartly split their ranks and kept one foot each in both Muslim camps. In the Shiite camp they have General Aoun and in the Sunni camp they have Amin Gemayal. Running with the hare and hunting with the hound!

Thus the Christians have ensured that in the impending Lebanese Shiite-Sunni civil war, neither the Shiites nor the Sunnis target them, as that would led to the Christians joining the other camp en masse! This should ensure the safety of the Maronite Christians – or so we hope! The Phalangists (Maronite Militia) have in the meanwhile kept their gunpowder dry with a finger on the trigger, to fight a pitched battle along with their Druze allies led by the astute Jumblatt.

The Syrian Theater

The Syrian Baathist regime has smartly fomented terrorism outside Syria, while keeping a tight lid on terror within Syria itself. But then you cannot train a snake to bit somebody else, The snake will eventually bite the hand that trains it! The snake of Shiite (Hezbollah) terrorism that the Syrians have so assiduously trained will singe Syria too.

The ruling Syrian elite is Alawite which is a sub-sect of the larger Shiite sect, although they do not proclaim themselves as Shiites. But whenever the Sunnis have raised their hood in Syria, the Baathist regime has used all its firepower including air force to bombard the Sunnis into dust. As it did with the Sunni led Muslim brotherhood at Hama (Homs) last time around when senior Assad (Hafez) was ruling Syria.

There is no love lost between the Syrian regime and the Sunnis who form the majority in Syria. Syria would be the surprise theater of Civil War when things hot up in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Jordan. Just you watch!

The Turkish theater

With the Kurds in Iraq proclaiming their own state, the Turks would try to throttle the new Kurdish state to stall any move by Turkish Kurds to join it by taking with them the Kurdish majority province of South Eastern Turkey. The Turkish civil war would start as a blockade followed by a war between the regime in Ankara against the Iraqi Kurdistan and graduate into a war with its own Kurdish population inside Turkey.

At that juncture a surprise move could be a coup-d-etat by the secular Turkish army against the Islamist Government of Erdogan's Justice Party. This would lead to a further violent complication of the Turkish theater, with the Al Qaeda throwing its weight behind the Erdogan regime and the Turkish Justice party. The Turkish Army could carry the final victory if the spirit of Ataturk prevails, and Turkey could see the defeat of Islamism there, albeit after much bloodletting.

The Egyptian Theater

This could be a minor theater with the Muslim brotherhood trying to grab power by overthrowing the "secular" regime of President Mubarak.

The Pakistani Theater

On the sidelines this could be the potentially most dangerous theater where the Al Qaeda would try to use the Jihadist generals of the Pakistani Armed forces to overthrow the "secular" regime of General Musharraf.

The Pakistani theater could see the Shiites and Ahmediyas (Qadiyanis - incidentally the Prime Minister of Pakistan who was hand picked by Musharraf is an Ahmediya) supporting Musharraf against the Al Qaeda inspired Jihadist generals of the Pakistani Army and their cohorts from the MMA and the Pakistani Taliban, the Lashkar-e-tayyaba, the Jaish-e-Mohammed and other Sunni led terror organizations, et al.

All in all, the next two years, before the Presidential elections in the US, would see a meltdown in the Middle East which would be topped by the IDF and USAF using the opportunity to bombard Natanz, Busheher and other Iranian and Pakistani nuclear sites. The Iranian sites would be the first to be targeted. The ones in Pakistan like Kahuta would come within the crosshairs of the F18s only after Musharraf is overthrown.

Sources: Rand, Stratfor, PINR, and relevant classified memos.


Musharraf's double talk on A Q Khan and on Pakistani ISI's role in aiding Al Qaeda

The International Crisis Group (ICG), is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation, with nearly 120 staff members on five continents, working through field-based analysis and high-level advocacy to prevent and resolve deadly conflict.

The ICG has in a recent report maintained that Pakistan's military intelligence agency the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) has all along facilitated the activities of the Al Qaeda both inside Pakistan and all across the globe.

Reacting to this, the Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has brusquely rejected claiming that the ISI operates under the control of the Pakistani army and government.

Now here there is a catch to Musharraf's Claim. Either way he is in double-trouble. If in fact the Pakistani army and government does control all that the ISI does, then it means that the ISI has been supporting Al Qaeda under the orders of the Pakistani government and army!

So the US needs to act against Pakistan as it threatned to do so in the aftermath of 9/11 - bomb Pakistan to the Stone Age, as Armitage told Musharraf.

And if what Musharraf says is wrong , and that the ISI is acting alone, it means that the ISI is not under the control of the Pakistani government and army. This is indeed a calamitious situation. And even in this scenario, the US needs to act against the Pakistani government and take steps to destory the ISI as it is an ally of the Al Qaeda.

Which option does Musharraf choose now. He has an option now, as he did in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 to be with the USA or be with the Terrorists. He in fact is already with the terrorists, clandestinely. Now he can be with them openly, or he can defect to the USA, and let Pakistan be tackled by the USA using all means the US deems necessary. Will Musharraf make the right choice now and switch sides by ditching the ISI and Al Qaeda and as he once ditched the Taliban after 9/11, and when will the USA recognize the dangers to itself from this rouge state - Pakistan?

Pakistan's role in A Q Khan's Nuclear Wheeling-dealing

A similar logic holds when Musharraf says that AQ Khan engaged in nuclear wheeling-dealing on his own, without the knowledge of the Govt of Pakistan. If Khan did it without the knowledge of the Govt of Pakistan, then the US needs to take control of the situation as the Pakistanis have no control over Khan’s Nuclear Walmart.

But if Khan did it as part of the strategy of the Pakistani Government, then the situation is far more dangerous, the USA needs to treat Pakistan as an enemy (in classified policy although the declared policy can treat it as a MNNA Major Non-NATO Ally) but we should make up our minds to tackle Pakistan militarily, as soon as Iran is out of the way.

Source: Waronjihad Team


How the Sunnis (Hamas, Al Qaeda) and Shiites (Hizbollah, Iran) will Demolish the Middle East

The events thus far

• Shiite-Hezbollah led terror attacks on Israel intensify
• Israel launches a limited ground invasion of Lebanon to remove the Hezbollah from its northern borders
• Saudis distance themselves from Iran backed Shiite Hezbollah
• Israeli attacks cause heavy damage in Lebanon
• But Israel also suffers reverses. In this war Israel faces an unconventional enemy unlike as in the Six Day war and the Yom Kippur war
• UN forces deploy in South Lebanon to ensure the peace, but fail to disarm Hezbollah.
• Hezbollah backed by Iran pays heavy damages to the Shiites in Lebanon who have sufferred property losses during this war

The Shape of things to come

• Hezbollah prepares gathering nuclear tipped missiles for the next round of war with Israel. (We are at this stage now)
• Egged on by Iran, Shiite-Hezbollah and Hamas led terror attacks on Israel intensify marking the beginning of the 3rd Palestinian Intifada
• Israel mounts air attacks on Gaza but launches a sweeping ground invasion of Lebanon for a second time since 2006 to wipe out the Hezbollah threat forever
• As the war intensifies, the UN forces in Lebanon begin to withdraw.
• Israel warns Syria with military action
• Syria threatens Israel with serious consequences.
• Mega nuclear terror attack inside Israel
• Israel declares Syria and Iran to be culpable and launches a swift land and air assault on Syria and Iran
• Syria appeals for Arab military action to save itself
• IDF (Israel Air Force) destroys Iranian nucler sites at Natanz, Bushehr and other underground locations using bunker buster nuclear tipped missiles.
• Iran tries to crash missiles into Israel and Europe
• Internal rebellion breaks out in Iran
• US special forces start operating inside Iran to topple Mullah regime
• Iranian/Hezbollah forces stage terrorist attacks in Israel and in the West
• Shiites leaders Al Hakim and Maqtada al Sadr assassinated in Iraq.
• A full scale civil war starts between the Sunni dominated insurgents and the new Shiite led Iraqi military dominated by the late Al Hakim’s Badr Brigades and aided by the late Al Sadr’s Mahdi Militia
• Iran sends in insurgents to back Shiites
• Saudis, Syrians, Egyptians, Kuwaitis, Palestinians send in insurgents to back Sunnis
• Saudis and Kuwaitis call for US action to stop Iran from intensifying the Iraqi civil war
• Egypt faces a civil war with sections of the Egyptian Military under the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood launch a insurrection against the Mubarak administration.
• Pressurized by Syria and Egypt, Saudi Arabia starts feeble military action against Israel
• Israel overruns Northern Saudi Arabia and Syria in a pincer movement to join up with US forces stationed in Iraq and occupies Damascus.
• US forces enter Syria from Syrian-Iraqi border in the North, join up with Israeli military
• After the conquest of Syria, Israel turns on Egypt to help the pro Mubarak forces and annexes Sinai, crosses Suez Canal and threatens Cairo that is now in the hands of the Muslim brotherhood led Military junta.
• US launches an air blitz of Iran followed by a land invasion and sets up a new regime
• Another spectacular terror attack inside Israel with Dirty Bombs. Suspects traced to Saudi backed insurgents.
• Sunni Terrorists blow off Iraqi parliament, Presidential palace, Prime Minister’s residence
• Terrorists assassinate Ministers, Parliamentarians
• Sunni Terrorists blow off Shiites Mosques at Najaf and Karbala, assassinate Al Hakim, and Moqtada Al Sadr who are important Shiites leaders and clerics.
• Upheaval in the entire Arab world
• Saudi regime overthrown by Wahabis. The new regime enters the war against Israel.
• Sustained IAF (Israel Air Force) nuke strike on Saudi cities, Mecca, Medina, Mena, Jiddah Riyadh, taken off the map.
• Western diplomats and businessmen attacked, kidnapped, beheaded
• Anti-American riots in Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia.
• Musharraf and Yudhyono regimes under tremendous pressure to give up pro-US stance
• Musharraf assassinated by pro-Jihadi elements in Army due to his association with the US. The Jihadis last straw being his helping the Americans in finding Iran's nuke sites as a trade off for letting AQ Khan off the hook. But Mushy's gamble does not pay off, as he loses his job and life.
• Jihadi regime in Pakistan ups hostility with India
• Jihadis succeed in smuggling nuclear devices in the US and exploding them simultaneously
• US army takes over US administration, suspends constitution
• US military regime blockades the UN and declares it persona non-grata
• US enters into emergency war council with Russia and Britain
• The triple alliance starts nuclear bombing military targets across the Islamic world
• Pakistani nukes taken out in first strike
• Pakistan explodes some nuke devices on India
• Indian retaliation wipes off Pakistan off the map – death toll in South Asia is over half a billion
• Widespread Hindu-Muslim riots in India on the lines of the Gujarat riots of 2002. Muslim population decimated, Hindus and Christians also suffer heavy death toll.
• Nuclear campaign launched by the triple alliance intensifies as many cities in the Islamic world are taken off the map to wipe off the air forces.
• Seaports in the Islamic world crippled to decapitate the navies
• Radiation causes second wave of deaths. The toll in secondary deaths more than three billion
• More than half of the fatalities are Muslims.
• Almost the entire population in the Muslim world is decimated.
• China joins war against Islam, wipes off Muslim (Ughir) population in Eastern Turkestan
• Muslims in Europe launch a wave of terror attacks in European capitals
• Conditions in Europe very disturbed in a civil war like situation
• Right wing coups in France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark. The new regimes join the triple alliance
• Widespread anti-Muslim riots in Europe aided by the militaries of those countries and NATO forces
• Domestic military action against Muslims in Europe intensifies as European militaries undertake combing operations to flush out Muslims
• The post-war Muslim population worldwide now accounts for only one percent of the global population concentrated mostly in Europe
• Military action ends, US, Britain and Russia announce reconstruction plan for the non-Muslim world
• Islam outlawed across the globe
• Residual Muslims worldwide embrace Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Buddhism.
• Humanity enters post-Islamic phase.
This write-up has been compiled based on analysis by Seymour Hersh and information at the following sites; Stratfor.org, Rand.org, Military.com

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The Amman Blasts – the first shots of the emerging schism between the Wahabis and the Hashemites

“We should bring our troops Home to achieve our Iraq Policy goals” - A Republican Neocon view

Why do Arabs discriminate against other Muslims from the Ummah - Reason: Muslims are thugs. As they fight with others to commit thuggery, they also fight amongst themselves while sharing the spoils of their thuggery.

Bring our Troops home - Afterall Cindy does actually have a point

Idle Minds are a Devil's Workshop, but in France we are confronting the Devils' Mind

The simple use of demographics of democracy against our enemy

Know the mind of the enemy if we are to defeat those who brought us sorrow

How are Muslims like women?

Shiite-Sunni War coming in Iraq and then across the Middle East

"Winning Muslim Hearts and Minds"

Earthquake in Pakistan - Allah's Jihad against Muslims?

Can the West win a mortal combat of the War on Terror with one hand cuffed?

Are Muslims Alienated everywhere as any civilized lifestyle is alien for them?

The effective way of defeating Pre-cultural theology-inspired Islamic terrorism

Optional Scenarios if the USA does not decimate Mullah Jihadis of Iran now

What we need to change within us to defeat Islamic Terrorism

Understanding Islamic Terrorism to enable us to destroy it once and forever

How Iraq can take the entire Middle East into Apocalypse

Musharraf's Pakistan - A friend or a foe?

What does it take to win a war against theology-inspired terror?

The Root causes of Muslim Alienation and of 9/11, 3/11, 7/7

What makes Muslims glorify murder and revenge?

The cracks and contradictions within the Communist-Islamist Alliance

The real Muslim mind revealed by an Ex-Muslim

Strategy to break the Islamist-Communist Alliance

Logic behind Iran's Mullahs' Desperation to get Nuclear Weapons.

Putin's romance with Palestinians, Iranians and Syrians - Shades of Hitler-Stalin (Ribbentrop-Molotov) Pact of 1939?

Iran's Duplicity in building Nuclear weapons under the cloak of Energy Requirements recalls Hitler's duplicity of building Luftwaffe using Flying Clubs

Vietnam War and the War on Terror - similarities and differences

Islamic Terrorists Murder Students at "Immoral Picnic" Book Review: Atomic Iran - Jerome R. Corsi Security breached at US nuclear power plant


A new and deadly form of Terrorism is Emerging

We are dealing with nihilists and despots who worship a death- cult. They hate modern liberalism and democracy and their ideology is the cousin of fascism and communism. When we faced Stalin and Hitler, the last thing we needed to do was agonize over why they didn't like our societies, lifestyles and systems of government. Neither should we do anything different in confronting the Osamas and Al Zarqawis. More....

Past Editorials

There will come a point when widespread Muslim terror attacks against the U.S. will no longer allow military actions as we have taken in Iraq and Afghanistan and will call for a re- appraisal of our military strategy…… More....

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What if the Muslims win the 3rd World War?
What would life be in the unlikely event of the Terrorists winning the 3rd world war? Would life be worth living then? »»


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